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macbok pro

  1. J

    New MacBook Pro Owner, questions and thoughts

    Good morning to the community, New M1 Pro MacBook owner, after waiting two months for my order to come into store, I finally got a day off work to open and set it up only to find the screen was smudged and the charger would randomly make the plugged in sound, guttered was an understatement...
  2. 81Tiger04

    Cleaning the screen of my new M1

    I love my new M1 and want to take care of it. I keep it really clean but get spots on the screen nonetheless. I’ve read a lot about the Apple cloth and got one. But as I was just cleaning it and trying to remove a spot, I may have pressed too hard as there was a brief “discoloration”. I...
  3. C

    Whic Mac to choose?

    Hi guys im about to but MAc for the first time so i thought i should come to MAc forum and ask you for advice :) these are the models im interested to: MacBook Air 13" i5 DC 1,8GHz/8GB/128GB SSD/Intel HD Graphics 6000 or this one Apple MacBook Air 13,3", Apple M1 Octa Core/8 GB/512 GB SSD...
  4. M

    Slow MacBook Pro

    Hi, My MBP is becoming slow, high CPU activity while using excel or firefox mostly when there's an external screen plugged in. I've recently changed the battery which is already better, but it's becoming complicated to use it for work. My question is, is there anything I can upgrade in it or is...
  5. A

    Cannot change brightness with displayport of Alienware monitor

    Hello Just got my AW3821DW monitor. I am using a mac book pro 2018. When connected with the display cable I cannot adjust brightness and the ambient sensor is off and get refresh rate 60. With HDMI cable both are working but refresh rate is 30. I have tried with 3 display cables.
  6. T

    [Buying Advice] New MBPro-16 w/ Student Discount: Wait for CyberMonday?

    First-time poster here! I'm a college student and eligible for the higher education discount on the new 16-inch MBPro. I need to slightly customize the device to add more RAM and SSD. I save $280 with my student discount (total would be $3219, down from $3499). I'm looking for advice on when I...
  7. P

    2018 15" Macbook Pro screen discolouration

    Hi My 2018 Macbook Pro is on it's third screen and all three have exhibited patches of orange/purple discolouration, particularly around the edges and in the centre. It starts off subtle and gets worse over time. I suspect the issue is caused by heat or by pressure however the machine is...
  8. David1986H

    Looks like the Intel 16" MacBook Pro production is slowing down...

    I've been keeping an eye on delivery dates for the intel 16" mbp and now it looks like its production is slowing down. Here in the UK its about a week for a base line 16" where as before it was 1 or 2 days, and a built to order is now 1 month where as it was 2 maybe 3 weeks. The rumour that...
  9. M


    INTERNAL SSD NOT SHOWING UP I have a 2012 retina macbook pro 13 inch and i took out the internal ssd out and reinstall it but after all ut doenst show up, but once on terminal using "diskutil list" it appeared and i restore it to apfs, but now it doesnt appear(is the og drive) Any solutions?
  10. smoking monkey

    All Aboard the AS Train!

    As somebody who held off buying a 16" intel as soon as I heard the rumors about AS, I was all aboard the AS train. There was no way I was going to buy an intel machine when Apple was coming out with new kit. Then WWDC happened in June and they officially introed AS. It seemed impressive and the...
  11. L

    Macbook Pro Kernel Error - Can't reinstall macOS after factory reset

    2 weeks ago I got a single kernel error, restarted and it seemed fine. A week later I got another kernel panic, restarted and then it happened again before the apps could even re-open. I tried resetting the PRAM but it didn't help. I tried to safe boot and find the logs but it kernel panic in...
  12. R

    Dead logic board on MacBook Pro (mid 2012, non-retina)

    My MacBook Pro suddenly got broken, model A1278, mid 2012, 13", i7, bought in 2013. It doesn't turn on and the battery indicator doesn't work. When I connect it to the charger, there is a dim green light on the MagSafe. There is something with the logic board. Short circuit was detected and...
  13. David1986H

    16" MacBook Pro, buy now or wait for the mini-led?

    Hi, sorry for the long post but its better to get everything out there that I'm thinking. So last spring I heard that a 16" MacBook Pro was coming out at some point in 2019, when Apple updated the 15" in May 2019 I stupidly upgraded my 2017 MacBook Pro then 6 moths later in November the 16" come...
  14. F

    Generic NVMe M.2 adapter

    So I've just ordered this bad boy in the attachment. It's an adapter to fit a M.2 NVMe SSD into the 12+16 pin slot on my MacBook Pro Retina 2015. Since it's not one of the two known brands (Sintech and Chanyang), I'm looking for some user experiences with this specific brandless generic...
  15. JosepPont

    Mi MBP 16 inch just arrived. I'm happy. No issues

    Hi everyone. I was one that follow this forum when the rumors about the 16 inch grow up in October. You people made the wait much more enjoyable, thanks. I posted some comments in some related threads that I was so nervous and with no hope the machine was released this year but...but November...
  16. Trevstonbury

    Macbook Pro Mid 2009 won't boot, detect USB and can't reinstall OS on new SSD

    Good morning, I’m hoping someone can help me. I have a MacBook Pro Mid 2009, it’s no longer booting properly from the existing hard drive and just gets stuck at the loading screen and eventually reboots in a loop. Ive tried all sorts of things to repair it, as well as replacing the Hard drive...
  17. R

    Mid-2015 MBP still overheating post repair

    Hello, new to this site and wondering if I can find anyone with a similar issue. My mid-2015 MacBook Pro has continued to overheat after getting the battery replaced through the battery replacement program. While the issue is pretty much constant, it is extreme when charging, to the point that...
  18. Aster:45

    MacBook Pro 2017 13.3INCH (with Touch Bar) screen clicking

    Hey guys, Just recently my MacBook screen has started making these clicking sounds whenever I move it around with me. Would it be possible to get it somehow fixed, since I've heard that those sounds are, most of the times, due to to the macbook's design. Needed your help!!!
  19. macpot

    Thank you Apple keyboard engineers :) You made me think differently!

    I purchased 2 (full) packs of extra Key caps at ebay, but the relevant keys are finished (I swapped many keys with the replacement 2 times already, they just fall off or get loose after a few months), I no longer have an spare "A/E/R/I/O/V/H/Fn" keycaps so started using other keys... And my...
  20. C

    MacBook Pro 13" 8GB VS 16GB

    Hey everyone !! I'm looking for a new Macbook PRO to my daily job as a developer but I have doubts about what RAM should I choose... 8GB vs 16GB? Is enough 8GB to use apps for developing?