iAniMagic Animation Contest


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Aug 17, 2017
Taipei, Taiwan
Hey guys! Any animation enthusiasts over here? If you are one - or know someone passionate about animation - then I've got some hot news for you! iAniMagic 2017 2D animation contest has just kicked off the submissions - and the organizers are gearing up some great prizes.

That's the 7th edition of iAniMagic and this year's topic is THE FUTURE. The future of animation, the future of the world, the future of the creativity. Submissions must be 2D animations with a length between 15 to 120 seconds and the participants can use any software to create their animations.

Check out the contest's page here: https://anizone.kdanmobile.com/ianimagic2017/start

Disclaimer: I am not anyhow affiliated with the competition, just genuinely passionate about animation and thought there could be some guys out here who'd like it.
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