1. Apple fanboy

    Weekly Photo Contest July 3rd-11th Home

    This weeks theme - Home So I'm currently selling the house where I've lived for 17 years. I had to re do the photos the agents photographer did as they were awful (don't think he understood WB!). Anyway kind of got me thinking about home and what it would look like in a photograph. So the idea...
  2. Apple fanboy

    Weekly photo contest Oct 6th-13th - Passion

    The passionate photographer! So this week I want you to show me your passion in a single photo. Please keep it family friendly! So could be something you’re passionate about or a passion fruit! The photographs must be of your own creation. Explore, get creative and have fun with it...
  3. Apple fanboy

    Weekly Photo contest Sep 10th-17th Fight or Flight.

    Okay one and all. Lets see your best fight or flight pictures. I was going to just do flight, but thought it might make it more interesting to add the extra fight angle! Could be anything that flies (birds, insects, planes) or something fighting! Bonus point if its doing both at the same time...
  4. Apple fanboy

    Weekly Photo Contest: Number three! March 2nd-March 9th

    The number three! So it could be three people or three of something. Or even the number three on a front door! Or perhaps you can be even more creative! Bonus points if your photo makes me smile! The rules are as usual: · The photographs must be your own work. · Be creative and have fun. ·...
  5. VladyslavShvets

    iAniMagic Animation Contest

    Hey guys! Any animation enthusiasts over here? If you are one - or know someone passionate about animation - then I've got some hot news for you! iAniMagic 2017 2D animation contest has just kicked off the submissions - and the organizers are gearing up some great prizes. That's the 7th...
  6. Apple fanboy

    Weekly Photo Contest March 5th - 12th: Stuck indoors!

    I'm often amazed at the creative ideas you guys come up with when it's horrible weather and you are stuck in doors. So let's see of those brilliant shots! If you take a wider shot of your set up that could be informative. The photographs must be your own work. Be creative and have fun. You...
  7. VidWars App

    iPhone Best video uploading ever! 100% unique!

    VidWars has revolutionized video uploading. This is "Video VS Video with a winner/loser result based on likes" for the first time. Creative, useful and fun! FREE!