iBook with 51000mAh battery

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by SiriusExcelsior, Jan 22, 2009.

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    Hey guys,

    I'm working at a laptop repair shop, and we recently got an iBook 1.42GHz (14") that came in.

    Its battery gives enough charge for about 2 minutes of operation (I'm not surprised), and it's had 349 charge cycles.

    My concern is this. From its System Profiler>Power, and using CoconutBattery, it claims it has a ~51300mAh battery. Coconutbattery thinks its max capacity is 4400mAh, but shows current capacity as 51300mAh (it just says it's 100% though :p).

    (EDIT: CocoBatt also says the machine is negative 1800-odd weeks old, which is weird.. doesn't it convert to months? And why is it negative?)

    Is this 'normal'? (Well not really, but has anyone else seen this?) Or is it dangerous and about to explode?

    The battery is an original Apple battery, model A1080.

    Any enlightenment appreciated~
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    Check Apple's site with the battery exchange program to see if you qualify. Enter the iBook's serial number along with the batteries.

    hmmm a 50kilowatt battery would be awesome!!!! Only need to charge it once a year lol. Come on Apple, I know you can do it ;).
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    Its milliAmperes. I was surprised to see the name of this thread. To-date I don't know any laptop battery that carries more than 13,000 mAmps.

    MBs carry around 6,000 mAmps.
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    Sorry for the long delay; been working on other things and left that aside..

    The battery isn't on the recall list (that page didn't list it as one of the affected models either) so I guess we're kind of safe :p

    We're putting this down to the age of the battery, so will probably suggest the user get a new battery.

    Still.. 51000mAh battery... I'd imagine that would make the battery the size of a 15" MBP? Haha.. Fuel cells might change that :rolleyes:

    Anyway thanks for your help guys :D
  6. commops106 macrumors newbie

    Jan 30, 2009
    Ibook Battery fix

    I had the same problem, here is the fix battery is charged however ibook thinks only 2 minutes available. Boot the notebook into open firmware unplug the ac adapter and drain the battery till the laptop shuts off. You will probably be very surprised mine lasted over 2 hours. Then take out the battery plug in ac adapter go into open firmware again type reset-nvram hit enter then type reset-all enter. computer will restart at this point shut computer down. you know need to reset the power managment of the ibook should be a small button above the audio headphone jack. Unplug ac adapter and battery push the button with a paper clip wait 5 seconds plug in ac adapter and battery let charge fully. then you'll notice all 4 lights light up on the battery boot up machine and you should have a significant increase in charge time. I went from 8 minutes to almost 1 hour and 30 and since in open firmware it lasted longer i think if i cycle it like this again it will get better and better.
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    Feb 28, 2008
    I second this motion - time to petition Apple to design a battery on wheels, we need this!. :p :cool:

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