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    so me and a friend of mine were really bored the other day and i was still thinking after reading this thread (http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=785555) about mock-ups and touch based tablets, so me and him decided to come up with our own. This is the result of drunk photoshopping.

    anyway, our theory was that it could run 1/3 apps (iPhone Apps) 2/3 apps (new apps designed just for the tablet) and 3/3 apps (full screen apps designed just for the tablet). that screen resolution is set up to be 1:1 size for the iPhone apps and icons. Nothing has to be redesigned or rethought. All apps could run simultaneously, but the transparent ones could be set to be put in a paused state. One app being the focus at a time.

    anyway, criticism is welcome, but this was really just for fun and i thought i'd share.


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    I like the looks and love the idea behind keeping app compatibility but I dont think Apple will re-release the iBook..
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    One More Thing...

    JasonElise1983 - I saw your post in the original thread and was concerned that my post would be totally demolished by comments if posted there (being a newbie and writing a too long post). I think this might get less viewing, but I really see this (iPhone OS, 10.7 inch screen) thing working when 2Q2010 rolls around AND I see it as a game changer. Love your graphic interpretation of the BIG iPod - that's where my head is at. So here this is (10 points for folks who actually READ all of this):

    I started this crazy too-long text when there was just over 30 posts in the main forum thread (now there's almost 300!), just to try to see if I could figure out between the latest rumours, news, etc. if a 10.7 inch iPhone OS device could work. Funny, but as I composed and edited it, I think it would. After a couple of hours, I reviewed the forum again, and found a number of people posting some of the same ideas. So, at the risk of being abused (and repeating others points in the many pages of the main post prior to this post - I'm glad you did), here are my thoughts (oh, and of course, I DO like to hear myself talk, so those criticisms will go unheeded but content advice is welcome):

    Here's what I'd like to see in a 10.7 inch screen iTablet (running [gasp!] iPhone OS). A 5 or 7 inch version doesn't say tablet to me, but an almost 11 inch version seems to be the right spot between an iPhone/Touch and a full size laptop.

    - 1280x720 OLED (capacitive/resistive) screen. That's maybe pushing the envelope, but 2Q2010 is NOT next week and sizes/prices should be much more reasonable by then (thanks to Zune/BBerry for the push?).
    - Full access to 85,000 Apps (likely 125k by 2Q2010) - Imagine running games and other "light" apps on a much larger high res screen. Imagine the cash Apple could make on this "new" market.
    - Accelerometer, a true satellite based GPS, digital compass (for maps, Tom Tom, geo-tagging imported pictures etc.).
    - A good front facing camera for video calls (Skype, iChat, MSN, etc.). They now seem pretty cheap (Nano?).
    - MAYBE a second rear facing 12MP auto focus camera for pics/ and 720P video. OK, I'm actually torn on this one - I think it should have been on the newer iPhones/iPod touches - not sure I'd use it on such a large device - an 11 inch camera? I guess during presentations, meetings I could take reasonable snaps of products, whiteboards, etc.
    - WiFi N (optional 3G/4G). Normal iPhone apps like Safari, iCal, etc. as per iPod touch but better HTML/Flash support...
    - Bluetooth for stereo spec headsets (voice notes, media). Bluetooth printing support as a number of printers allow it. Bluetooth sync to my iPhone/Touch for capturing photos/videos, etc.
    - Built in mic and speakers (same as the new iPod Touch) as well as a "standard" iPhone/iPod headset jack - voice notes, media, and second party wired audiophile headsets.
    - SDXC slot for my other cameras (I understand it's backward compatible with SD/SDHC). Imagine someday mounting a TB SDXC card for quick backups, secondary storage, etc.
    - Access to document viewer (PDF, Doc, Pages, etc) with ability to make some notes (Preview's PDF annotations?) and maybe updates to some filetypes.
    - A REAL STYLUS and system-wide handwriting recognition (now that there's more room to write full sentences w/o completely blocking view of current app info). I think people are already paying $100+ for a good single purpose note taking stylus/pen - not including ongoing cost of the special paper required.
    - Light Peak for all in one connectivity. This opens up "everything".
    - More complete iPhone OS iTunes-like application for media viewing (iTunes LP/Movie Extras on a bigger screen anyone?). Heck I'd even like to see the iTunes visualizer. Oh, and NO DVD or BRay (just 720p iTunes, sry).
    - iPod/iPhone ability to remote control Apple TV (current and 3.0 version?) when you're home and want to be the "life of the party" or just "in control". iTunes DJ vote, Genius lists, etc.
    - Video IN via Light Peak to allow use as laptop secondary (Spaces?) display WHILE charging from laptop. Some people will already pay $200 for small (7inch) secondary USB desktop extender screen now. How much for an 11 inch version?
    - Video OUT via Light Peak (with a dock/dongle?) that allow me to video/audio OUT to my large screen TV/surround system via HDMI 1.3 for multimedia and iTablet presentations (mirrored "desktop" for whatever's on the 720P screen).
    - Allow iTab stylus/touch input TO Light Peak connected laptop (like a $200 Wacom tablet but I can see an image of what I'm "changing"?).
    - 10-12 hour battery life (to last a full working day, long flight, etc.). There now will be room for larger newer Apple laptop battery tech (and yes, not swappable).
    - A primary 64MB+ of solid state for OS and games, iTunes apps etc. (SSD for performance).
    - PLUS a secondary internal iPod Classic 1.8 inch HD of 160MB+ (I have a large iPhoto/iTunes/My Documents - and want to access/sync them all). Even though HD access is "slower" it's been enough to keep the Classic as a viable media player/photo viewer. It can "sleep" while I play games, check email, and surf the net to save battery.
    - Weight not to exceed 1.5 lbs (easier to drag along to meetings, etc.). Basically instant on rather than waiting for laptop to boot/resume when attending meetings, etc.
    - Thickness similar to iPod Classic so it still fits in a briefcase along with my primary workhorse laptop.
    - I WOULD also like to see a built on cover though. An integrated hinge(s) at the back allowing you to flip the cover open and fold (flat) to the back while in use w/o interfering with whether you wanted to use it in portrait or landscape. Just 1 or 1.5mm thick but integrated into the design to protect the screen when not in use. I'm more than a little annoyed of 3rd party solutions that either remind me of a duct tape solution (cheap and ugly), or make the whole thing 2x as thick as what you're protecting. I'm no engineer, but there has to be a fold-flat solution that's durable and can be integrated into the design.

    Presuming one now pays $400 for a 64MB iPod Touch, $200 for a Wacom-like touch pad, $200 for a secondary USB display for their laptop, $100 for a handwriting capture pen, an iTablet cost of $750-$800 doesn't sound outrageous. For those really needing OS X to do their "real" work (writing documents, editing spreadsheets, creating presentations, editing video, P2P, coding, etc.) you still have your primary computer. If they put OS X on this, everyone would be wanting ports for keyboards, mice, external drives, etc. and we'd be back to arguments about the limited ports on the Air vs. its lightweight, etc.

    As for the MS Courier recent leaks, it was enough to give me a techie thrill, but it seem to indicate another OS stream for MS and they're already flailing with WinMob (promising to as always do better, Vista/Win7?). Apple's iPhone OS is proven to do most of what I've listed above (bar some new tech and extensions), so why not build onto this already successful platform and allow it to be integrated into your core workspace? Even the newest iPhone and Touch could (with Light Peak?) provide the almost all the same functionality, just in a smaller package/resolution. There was prior speculation about built-in iPod docking to replace the current glass trackpad in your MacBook Pro for gestures, secondary (dock?) display...

    I believe that this configuration, along with using functionality already offered in iPhone OS with some additional connectivity/software features, pretty much fulfills the Netbook and Full OS tablet needs in a portable package. Netbooks are for "light duty" use (email, browsing, documents), tablets are for portability but NOT to replace the core workstation (laptop/desktop). The configuration expands the usability of your laptop (screen and input) and does "everything" a netbook would do. And may even supplant the polycarb base MacBook (non Pro).

    And for those who really want to stretch out some sort of long term plan, 11 inch diagonal is VERY close to the trimmed "live area" for a comic book (6x9 inches). I'm sure I'm just drawing an unfounded (marketing potential) parallel to the recent Disney/Marvel deal (and the Pixar/Disney relationship - AND the Steve Jobs/Pixar relationship). But I'm sure basement dwelling comic book geeks would never go for something they could start to buy electronic versions of their latest comics on, let alone carry all their tunes and a large library of Apple handheld games on. I mean I should know - I raised 3 sons like that (and too many of their first working paycheques went to comics, game systems, games, etc.). Oh, and they all own iPods of one flavour or another.

    It's also the size of a standard hardback book or "trade paperback" (for those who want to actually READ books on something besides a phone or Kindle). Gad. Now my wife will want one.

    Well, that was fun writing up. Now folks, flame away. But I believe if someone was to "spec" out these parts based on existing and upcoming tech given 2Q2010 release, we'd see that it doesn't need to be really expensive. Other than the usual Apple uptick for best of build quality.

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