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    Jul 21, 2017
    Recently I was driving on the freeway from work to my house. I saw a lady having trouble with her flat tire, so I pulled over to help her fix it. When I pulled up I saw she did have tools so I went back to my car to grab some tools to help. When I was walking back I saw a phone on the ground, I asked the lady if it was hers. She responded with a no, so I put it in my pocket and proceed to help. When I got home I put the iPhone to charge to see if it was working since it looked like someone through it out the window by how damaged it was. I soon as I saw the apple logo turn on I put it in DFU mode and restored it. The phone restored perfectly fine, but now I have an iPhone 6 Plus that has an iCloud activation lock which means I'm not able to use it because the previous owner has their account set on it. I was wondering if there is some way to remove it other than using DNS server? Would Apple take care of it? Or will they think it's stolen?

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    Likely ended up on the pavement for the same reason --- locked out.

    No, Apple can't help you, unless you can show acceptable proof of ownership.
    So, no, Apple can't help you.
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    Well it is stolen. You took it and it didn't belong to you.

    Apple will only unlock a phone if it belongs to you and you can prove that by having the original purchase receipt.
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    The "previous owner" is still the owner. If you want to do the right thing, check which carrier the phone is on (either from the logo in the top left corner or by looking at the SIM) and return it to a store of that carrier. If there is no SIM in the phone, you may be able to identify the carrier by IMEI number (which is printed in small print on the back) by using a site like http://www.imei.info/. The carrier can identify the owner and return the phone.
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    Dec 14, 2013
    It's considered lost or stolen. I would look up the IMEI or other identifying number and find out the carrier. Return to the local corporate store. That or just give it to a local police station.

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