iCloud CalDav Server?

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    So, I'm using Mozilla Thunderbird (actually it's Tenfourbird, which is Thunderbird 39 that works on old Macs, but it's the same really). I'd like to be able to sync my iCloud calendar and contacts with it. However, I can't get it working.

    I know how to connect to a CalDav server and where to type it in Thunderbird, but I don't know what the server is. I've tried looking this up, and I found a website with instructions on how to do this, but the instructions were not the easiest to understand and I couldn't get it working.

    Does anyone know the iCloud CalDav server and how I can get full read/write access in Thunderbird?
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    Well... I did a litte search on google and found these details. I hope it helps:

    caldav.icloud.com or p03-caldav.icloud.com (If an error returns showing the device couldn't connect to p0#-caldav.icloud.com return to the Caldav setup screen and change the server name to reflect the unique number representing the # symbol. This number could be 1-9 depending on what the return message is. Example: p05-caldav.icloud.com or p04-caldav.icloud.com)

    Source : http://support.blackberry.com/kb/articleDetail?ArticleNumber=000033812

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