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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by Jethrox, Feb 16, 2017.

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    May 10, 2015
    Boulder, Colorado
    Please pardon me if I violate any kind of form etiquette here. I don't post very much but I am a well educated, serious power user. Also I'm using Siri, because I am handicapped, so some of the sentences may not make sense and it seems like rambling.

    So here's another interesting Apple tidbit today I found out that I've recorded too much video on my various devices and I get a warning from Apple saying they can't store anything but there's a link says I can bore buy more iCloud storage...so OK I'm in right. So, I try to upgrade just clicking the button and I want to do this fast because I'm out of storage right? Im gonna try to do everything I can to request storage then the messages asked for Apple id (wish the would just use my thumbprint, because my vision is poor), A couple more steps, then asked for verification again , to enter my Apple ID. I do this and it says I've done something wrong, I'm not sure what. But now it tells me I'm locked out of my Apple account. I don't have time to mess with this for a few hours, but I find it really annoying.
    So, several hours later I'm able to call Apple technical support about this problem. (I lost an air pot earlier and called Apple and they were no help but that's another story.) (By the way, I determined that my average call with Apple is over half an hour… Excuse me that's not the average that is the minimum time my average is more like an hour and a half, this all out so explain later).
    So, Anyway I call out of this time about my iCloud account and how to re-activate it or whatever that story maybe. So, I asked Siri to call Apple and after four tries (first I got Apple corporate that is closed right now, then I got a map of the local Apple Store which is useless, then I got a technical support The voicemail system. Where they ask me my name twice, enter my phone number what I'm calling about and the devices and I may use iCloud on… By the way, it's all of them. And then told that they wait time is under 10 minutes and I really want to make this happen so I wait (he at least they can now give me a choice not to listen to their hyper distorted crappy music where I have to turn the volume down on my phone which means I often don't hear when the representative comes on). So after a representative comes on I give them a summary of the problem, then they asked me a bunch of their standard questions anyway along with the product I'm calling about. For the fifth time I tell them iCloud and that I'm locked out for some reason. They want me to identify a particular product hardware associated with my account, again I tell him all of them it's a iCloud… This apparently doesn't process in their system. So I first tell them my iPhone, this is apparently on except a bowl because my new iPhone 7 Plus is no longer covered under some type of technical support. I tried to tell them that I buy all the Apple products,: latest iPhone, latest I watch, latest iPad Pro, air pot, basically everything but the desktop. So I have to pick one, I have recently purchased a $5000 MacBook Pro fully loaded. So we go with that. The woman now tells me she doesn't handle that product and can't help me. She then put me on hold with a really loud noisy distorted music that I hate. She comes back about six minutes later and says I'm going to transfer you to a senior technician, would that be OK? (Of course it's OK I need to solve this problem, and now I've been on the phone for nearly 25 minutes.)
    The senior technician comes on and unfortunately has no information that I've now explained to the automated system and the previous representative, so I have to explain it all again. So now are pushing a half an hour minimum I discussed before. (I think they have a separate file on me and they are instructed to take as long as possible to solve a problem). So now I'm getting a little frustrated and I have to recount for the senior tech the problems I've encountered so far he finds this really annoying. I ask him to write all this information down so that he can pass it on to the next representative should I have to call again. He agrees and even ask me for my phone number so he can call me back, I said yes I only have one iPhone call me there it's in the account. He insists that I give him the actual number, and I do but comment that it's really A waste of my time (yes things are happening in my life that I need to get back to and I'm really getting annoyed, but I'm still polite and respectful and slow… Because I need to get this problem solved!) (I think they know that my time is valuable and feel that they can intentionally frustrate me by being very difficult… Perhaps the policy is to frustrate customer so much that they never want to call back… And believe me I tried to fix this online rather than call Apple, but since they shut down and locked my account remotely and it's the eye cloud service, there is nothing I can do but put up with their ****). This guy tells me my account is not locked, But "it says show on my screen". He then tells me he doesn't have access to that information and asked me for the ultra microscopic serial number on the back of my MacBook Pro. (He is this really relevant at this point… I think not!)
    Anyhow so I tell him "I don't have access to that hardware right now and I'm using my mobile device to call him. Then without a word he puts me on hold, back to the annoying hyper distorted music I hate.
    I wait another four minutes and then my call is disconnected, after that I wait and I quiet location for the promised "call back", that never comes.
    That is worry I am right now. And this whole incident occurred well over an hour ago, and I've had to cancel my plans. I also had to write all of this crap down in hopes that Apple might someday consider modifying their customer support system. Can someone tell me if there's a real feedback loop with an apple? I have asked before and they say I should put it in writing… Now I work for IBM for many years and there is no better way to kill an idea!

    So what's the story here? Do I not pay enough for all the products I buy? I buy that stuff so that I get built in technical support and then it's tested and works!… Or at the very least when it doesn't work I have kind courteous, competent, respectful, empathetic, customer support to deal with.
    I haven't been missed treated this much since I tried to talk to a discount airline in a foreign country!
    Are used to love Apple I bought almost everything they've ever made, I had an apple to eat a Mac, a Mac SE, even a Lisa! Yet, they seem to hate me. This is just one of dozens of experience that I've had with Apple, and I just don't get it. Is there some kind of customer service club where they selectively abuse people they don't like? Please help me! Feel free to contact me off-line with any solutions you may have. I've even requested to send letters to people and customer support that I may have offended when I get impatient after hours (literally, documented hours) of time I've spent on apple.

    ( I will try to clean this up later for accuracy, but I'm not at my desk top and can't really see the screen well)

    Your thoughts much appreciated,
    Cheers, Jethro
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    Correction! I've been trying to work on this problem online since Apple customer support won't help. So, I asked "Siri how do I upgrade my iCloud account " she has to search the web and comes up with a link that tells me to go to settings, iCloud, storage. This is just like I did before, and I finally retrace my steps and try to upgrade to one terabyte of storage. Enter my Apple ID, then it asked me to verify my purchase information… And here is where I may have made a mistake before. The security code section his grade, so when I look at it with my poor eyesight I can't see that Apple now wants this information again. Previously, I must've hit the confirm information when Apple locked my account… They never told me why they locked my account! So of course I don't have that particular credit card information on me… and once again Im I Nabel to upgrade the necessary storage I need, when I need it! Now it looks like I'll have to wait until tomorrow to get the storage I need, because I don't dare call Apple customer support again, for fear that they will intentionally damage my account. Maybe even delete my entire iCloud because they know it's valuable to me. It's obvious now that I will have to purchase a back up for my back up. Can anyone recommend a good back up for Apple iCloud that comes with customer support and is easy to use in the field?
  2. bcave098 macrumors 6502a


    Sep 6, 2015
    Northern British Columbia
    Apple has pretty good support. I'm sorry you had a few bad experiences, but you seem like you make it more difficult than it needs to be (if they ask for your number, just give it to them instead of complaining that they should magically have it). Apple's support advisors can't just "delete" your iCloud account.

    The first result for "upgrade iCloud storage" in Google is the support article that Apple's advisors would use to guide you: HT201318.
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