iCloud Email: Help me chose the right username


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Oct 12, 2014

my gmail account is full of spam and now i decided that it's time to change it and use a new mail service.

Actually i'm evaulating to switch to iCloud Mail or Yahoo mail but for better integration i think it's better iCloud.

My name is composed by: Name SecondName Surname

What do you think about this combination:


like: william.h.gates@ (My example for William Henry Gates - Bill Gates)

Good or bad idea?

Or it's better my old name.surname@yahoo.com

I wait your suggestion


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Jul 3, 2011
Why not just use your name, or some form of you name?

On one email service I used my first initial and last name... it easily identifies me, but I also get a lot of stuff from people whose initial / last name is similar to mine... I've gotten paycheck stubs, purchase receipts, report cards for their kids, etc.

There's really not an easy answer.
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Jan 23, 2005
I guess this is all just a matter of opinion, but most companies I have seen use the first initial with the last name and no periods in there... so I think some have come to expect this format. Like gwashington@icloud.com for George Washington. I think it is easier for people to get it wrong when you stick those period separators in there.

Just a suggestion. iCloud allows you up to three email alias accounts, so to guard against spam you could not give out your main account, and just give out the alias accounts. So if they start getting spammed you can just kill the alias and pick a new one.


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Mar 21, 2014
I'll agree, in part, with Weaselboy but offer my own take. I'll offer that I agree with Ricardo Montalbán's Khan in spirit in that I have a "white hot hate" for Gmail - it felt great to write that...

As to email services that are "free" I'd pass on Yahoo - they're still having code injection problems for their address book platform so, if you're friends want to get spammed from your inbox Yahoo is your best choice to alienate your contacts.

As to iCloud, I'm also not so sure about their security. I get spam every day to an account I set up and have to keep because my iTunes account is tied to that username - I've had that email address for some time, and the spam gets routed every day to the ".mac", ".me" and ".icloud" versions of that user name - and I've never given out that email address, and yet I get the same Cialis/FedEx/Facebook/etc. emails to each of the 3 iCloud email variants . And, I can't change my iTS/MAS credentials as it's an iCloud email address... :doh: :doh: :doh: :doh: :doh: :doh: :doh:

So, I'd choose an Outlook.com email address - create a hard-to-guess main account name, then add/delete aliases as necessary. And, never give out your main email address - only pass on your aliases. I've got a few - ***apps@outlook.com, ***clcrap@outlook.com, etc. And Apple will let you change your iTS/MAS email address if you choose a not-iCloud.com email address.
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Oct 12, 2014
In conclusion it's better stay with Gmail or Outlook.

And stay away from Yahoo.


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Jul 2, 2008
I've had an Apple email account since .mac, and a Gmail account since it was beta, and invitation only. Both are firstnamelastinitial@... If I had to do it over, I'd reconsider that format, but it's a remnant from when AOL assigned me "firstnamelastinitial2" and I somehow never got over the fact that I wasn't first, and got the "2" LOL.

The Apple account has been surprisingly reliable, and while the spam filter suffered early on, it has been very good for years.

While Gmail's filter is also very good, I get more false positives from it than Apple's filters.

Gmail ignores periods within the address*, so they have no effect on its addresses. Aliases can be formed by appending a "+ ....."

Spammers are pretty clever, so they can reach pretty much every address format. However, I've found one of the downsides of having a name-based (and not nickname or other phrase) address are the numbskulls who don't know how to enter their own email addresses, and as a result, I've gotten all sorts of legitimate mail misdirected to my Gmail account. Receipts, reservations, etc. But also subscriptions and company lists I didn't sign up for...those are infuriating, especially for some brain dead companies that have no unsubscribe options and tell you to call them (Hello, JCPenney) to be removed from their lists! I just mark them as spam, or filter them out if they persist.

* IIRC, this wasn't always the case, which I suspect may contribute to the problem above. While I clearly own the address, and receive all its mail, with no foreign user activity logged, some theorize that at some point Gmail may have allowed creation of "duplicate" addresses with periods. Something within Google's system can misdirect mail, and others have also experienced it, but with no firm conclusion as to its cause.

I also have a Yahoo account, and know of people, and organizations that have used Yahoo's personal and small business mail services, respectively, to host their email. Both types have fallen victim to the address book spoofing/spamming incidents more than once. I wouldn't trust Yahoo as anything other than a sacrificial junk account.

I really dislike Outlook's webmail interface, but the service is fine.
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Oct 12, 2014
In conclusion it's better a username like:




That Expose less security breach?


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Mar 18, 2014
Sarf London
I'm forename dot surname at gmail dot com. And while I'm not 'John Smith', there are over six hundred of me in the UK alone. So as well as the speculative spam (at the rate of 100-120 a day) I get signed up for all sorts of mailing lists, and receive booking confirmations from car hire companies, hotels etc almost daily.

Lesson: the simple account names aren't always the best.
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Mar 21, 2011
Australia, Perth
ya,, my gmail is full of spam too... everyone's is... but Gmail automatically deletes it from Spam folder every 30 days... I don't bother with that...

If its in your inbox u can mark is as "Spam" ...

I don't see spam though, coz all the email i need goes straight to inbox, while filtering out the spam in spam folder... Since i keep certain labels hidden from Apple mail... i don't have to worry abut it. plus less clutter in Apple mail to boot


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Oct 12, 2014
I think that Gmail is good but... Where is privacy?
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