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    I got a message on my Mini iPad telling me my storage is low, I saw that my camera and Photos is 1.1GB which was taking up most of the storage. So i went to iCloud> Photos and turned off iCloud Photo Libaray, now I have a message saying the iCloud photos library will be deleted from the iCloud in 29 days.

    I don't want to lose photos on all my devices i want to keeps all the photos on my iMac, to save storage on my iPhone 6 Plus and my iPad Mini.

    Does this mean all my photos will be deleted on every device including my iMac? I have purchased an extra iCloud storage @ 0.79p pm.

    Is there anyway i can cancel this deletion and Storage photos from my iPhone and iPad to my iMac and keep all the iCloud sync off the iPad and iPhone?

    My Photos app on my iMac is saying downloading approx 9,000 photos from somewhere.


    P.a could anyone amend the topic to iCloud from iCould, thank you in advanced
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    you want to goto Photos > Preferences on your Mac and select Keep Originals on this Mac. that way the iPad will only reference the photos instead of continually store them.

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