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Aug 6, 2010
Apple currently on sell 2 models of iPads, the 2 and the "new".

So to put the market into perspective, you will always have 2 models ruling the tablet market, from a single company, very similar to the iPhone.

The ratio must be around 300:2, yet Apple are still the best in the business.

Most Android tablets are cheap garbage that run the terrible Honeycomb version of Android OS, much like Android phones.

Any report going on about how Apple are at risk of losing the market etc etc is pure anti-Apple nonsense. You only need to look at how oversaturated the market is with Android enabled devices to see that.

The irony is, that a miniscule fraction of these devices are actually running the core Android OS as well, as opposed to all this TouchWiz and Sense crap.


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Oct 15, 2008
It's hard to compare.

5% of those Android tablets will be Xooms
5% will be Samsung Tab's
90% will be the £80 pieces of crap they sell in ASDA

I'm not questioning the article, but its hard to compare them in terms of success because Apple and Googles methods are so vastly different.

Chupa Chupa

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Jul 16, 2002
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I think some one accidentally released their April Fools joke too soon.

Fact is the more time goes on w/ Andriod tabs a distant 2nd the more invested iOS users become in iOS apps. It's the same prob the Mac had vs Win in the 90s. Plus let's not forget Win 8 coming to the challenge.


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Jun 8, 2011
Android may still take the markets just by sheer force. Google's strategy is a brute force market entry to saturate all manufacturers with Android devices to be released. There will still be a majority of single device Apple users compared to a single Android device. I agree that most Android devices are pretty bad but the availability of a mobile OS that is UNIX based is a good thing for the world. Android users may eventually convert to iOS just due to sheer simplicity.


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Jan 31, 2010
Midlife, Midwest
I think that analysis is fundamentally flawed.

"Android Tablets" have precisely zero momentum. The only thing that is driving their sale is either fire-sale, or below-cost pricing. Not something that is long-term sustainable.

Amazon and Barnes & Noble are selling low-cost e-readers, subsidized by future sales of digital media? Great - but thats not a strategy that Asus or Samsung or Dell can pursue. And e-readers simply aren't likely to have the sort of rapid refreshes that a full-function tablet is going to experience. Once you've got an e-reader, there is considerably less incentive to upgrade to next years model.

HP made a momentary sales splash by blowing out its remaining stock of Playbooks at giveaway prices. Great, but that was a statistical blip that, again, no sane manufacturer is likely to repeat.

Lastly, Android, as a platform simply isn't developing a workable ecosystem. There area too many different screen sizes and resolutions, running on too many different hardware platforms, with no clear upgrade or support paths, with virtually no App catalog. Which idiots are going to pay a lot of money for something like that?

Absent the sort of carrier subsidies that put Android smartphones in millions of pockets (and I can see no possible way that is going to happen) Android tablets are going to remain an afterthought.


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Aug 23, 2007
Apple: High profit margins
Other manufacturers: Low profit margins

It's inevitable that Android tablets will sell in volumes but fragmentation will be severe. The only winner will be Google.


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Jul 22, 2005
Anything that starts with the words "Analysts predict..." should be immediately binned. It's little more than guesswork, based on what the analyst thinks will happen in the market in a few years time. They're not just sometimes wrong, they're almost always wrong.

The reasoning behind this is probably that there will be lots of android tablets with better hardware for a lower price, the software and app store will improve massively, and people will therefore flood to it while apple just adds incremental updates each year and gets left behind.

What will happen? Who knows, but I suspect windows 8 will outperform android in the tablet market.


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Apr 15, 2010

As much of an Apple fan as I am, I don't think this report is nonsense. Statistically, given how Android is marketed/sold, it will be the embedded system of choice for every tablet maker of all shapes and sizes. What other choice do you have if you want to make a tablet? iOS? Not available. Windows? Maybe but personally I think that ship has sailed years ago for Microsoft. Write your own? Sure, you could do that but why when time to market is so much faster (and likely cheaper) if you just license the newest flavor or Android?

The market will become saturated with all kinds of tablet computing devices. Netbooks will see a resurgence as tablets with a keyboard (a la Transformer Prime). I think Apple will still hold the dominant market position for a SINGLE device (or maybe the top two devices...current iPad and the prior years' version combined). But if the smartphone market is any indication, Android has legs simply because there is no other choice for a tablet wannabe than to go that route.

Hey, and there's your new tagline for Android Tablets:

"Android. Because frankly, we had no other choice."



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Dec 25, 2006
As long as tablets are not subsidized like phones, this is just not going to happen any time soon.


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Oct 11, 2011
A Galaxy far, far away
At the rate manufacturers are putting out hardware & using a free OS it seems likely. Does that mean they are any good? No. Just like with the smartphones. They keep wanting to say android phones sell more. Well yeah, there are a few hundred pieces of hardware. Doesn't mean it's any good. I dare them to compare one single tablet to the iPad in terms of sales. iPad will always win. Not that I think choice isn't good & there are some viable decent android tablets. But I'm sorry they just don't compare in numbers & I don't think they will for a long time. It's still an iPad market.


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Oct 9, 2005
As if Apple is going to sit idle and not develop something new to generate new sales and upgrade sales...

Besides, Apple has a huge head start in corporate/enterprise iPad adoption. It'll be hard for any single Android tablet to make such displace them. Maybe Windows 8 tablets can, but not Android.


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Jan 4, 2011

I think it doesn't matter. Like, *at all*. Apple is the most profitable company on the globe. Their ability to profit absurdly does not rest on the need to have a dominant portion market share. They're not a high volume low margin business. That they are currently a *high volume* high margin business in some markets, like the tablet, is obviously great for investors, but Apple can (and will) lose market share to other tablet makers and continue to make money hand over fist, -as is the case with the iPhone.

When another copy of iOS goes out into the world attached to a device, Apple enjoys a handsome margin. When another copy of Android goes out into the world, it's questionable how much Google even gains from that in terms of profit. It is certainly exceedingly low compared to Apple. They're sacrificing margin in exchange for another metric (market share) that doesn't add to their bottom line as much. The OEM device makers that use Android don't fare much better. Apple's competitors are working twice as hard for half as much. That's why you'll see Android increase in market share and Google's financials look comparatively anemic despite that.

All Apple needs is a healthy developer community surrounding iOS to keep adding value to the better premium products that Apple will continue putting out. The other guys can chase the low end. BTW, developers aren't jumping ship for Android as it gains marketshare because Android customers aren't spending as much as iOS. Developing for iOS, a smaller market share player, is more profitable than going where the supposed users are. Android will have to beat iOS by a LOT for that dynamic to change, AND address the fragmentation issues, AND address the forking of their product by the giants like Amazon where Google is entirely cut out of their ecosystem. You can't even count Android market share as a single entity when doing the 'developer community' equation.


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Oct 11, 2011
A Galaxy far, far away
And I think they have a good developer community from what I've read. Billions in payouts, developing first on iOS as opposed to other OSes, websites completely changing to be enhanced or compatible for ios devices. I think they are well poised for the future.


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Jul 6, 2007
They are just extrapolating what happened with the smartphones. I think Windows 8 tablet will have higher market shares than the android tablets.
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