If MP comes in 2012: what might one do for Tax expenses

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by coldwarx, Oct 24, 2011.

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    Obviously nothing is stated as fact, but chances are there wont be a new MP this year until Intel get's Ivy Bridge out to manufactures. I was hoping for a release this year so i can write off about 5-6k for tax time.
    I'm not sure what to do. Any body have suggestions? I'm still planning on purchasing the MP if and when it comes out, I need an (apple) workhorse for 3D animation and 4k video workflow..

    I'm aware i can buy $5000 in :apple: gift cards,
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    Sep 8, 2009
    Think you might as well wait it out
  3. nanofrog macrumors G4

    May 6, 2008
    Keep in mind, that the stuff you may have seen on Ivy Bridge, are for the consumer parts (LGA1155), which are not suitable for the Mac Pro.

    The next MP will use Sandy Bridge E5 variants (SB-E5 1600 series for SP systems, SB-E5 2600 series for DP systems).

    Unfortunately, they won't be out this calendar year. So if you must spend the budget now, perhaps the gift cards is the way to go (I'm under the impression you can wait on the hardware, but not the tax write off).
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    I recall reading a story on consumerist.com about someone who couldn't buy an expensive Mac with gift cards because the payment system only allowed for a fixed number of cards. It couldn't "stack" the cards beyond that certain number.

    So if you're going to buy $5000 worth of gift cards, I'd double check with Apple about your intent and ensure their payment system can handle that now.
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    I am assuming you mean Sandy Bridge right? Ivy is AFTER that and Sandy-E is almost out. Ivy may have you waiting till 2013.
  6. philipma1957, Oct 31, 2011
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    it can you can stack up to 8 cards in the usa


    you can also buy up to 5000 on one card .

    he could buy 2 x 2000 and 1 x 2500 giving him 6500 in cards .

    I do agree he should double check this with an agent at apple online and hold all paperwork.

    BTW with me holding a degree in accounting and working for the IRS for a few years plus my wife was a 33 year employee for them

    A) it really is not legit and if found out the expense would be lost. As the cards are like cash and not spent until 2012

    B) Buying the current machine on the 28th of dec and waiting until Jan 9th to return it would be closer to legit deduction for 2011. Then in 2012 if new machine comes out in feb buy it . Then don't take deduction for 2012 since you did take it in 2011. If audited for 2011 and irs says you return it you have the argument that you paid in 2011 then realized machine did not suit your needs. But still for 2011 you spent the cash and did not get it back until you returned in 2012 and purchased again in 2012 which is a wash for 2012.

    B] stands a far better chance of passing as a deduction then A does if audited.

    Just my opinion not set in stone.
  7. nanofrog macrumors G4

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    The confusion is likely due to the fact they're not familiar with the different sockets.

    For example, Sandy Bridge will have 3 sockets once all of the parts/sockets release. Currently however, LGA1155 is all that's out (still waiting for LGA1356 and LGA2011). And since the release cycles for the sockets don't coincide with one another, by the time the "missing" sockets turn up in distribution channels, the consumer grade Ivy Bridges (2nd gen LGA1155) will either be out, or release shortly after.

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