I'm on my 3rd iPhone 7+...

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by dillonm, Oct 4, 2016.

  1. dillonm macrumors regular

    Mar 31, 2008
    I am on my 3rd iPhone 7+ and I am giving up at this point. I bought this phone strictly for the camera - as I work out in the field taking photos of various jobs. The one I got on launch day was doing this (see video). I did a restore and set it up as new - still did it so I took it to Apple. They swapped it out for a new one - and I set it that one up as new. Definitely didn't want to do that - losing all messages and re downloading apps is never something I enjoy doing. The camera worked for a day or so, then started doing the same thing. I was so fed up at this point I walked into the same Apple Store to show them again - they offered to swap it again. Here I sit with my 3rd phone doing the EXACT same thing. It's obviously a software issue. Guess I'll just want for an update. Sigh....
  2. vdor macrumors member


    Sep 15, 2016
    If you believe it's the software, try iOS 10.1 beta. I've yet to see that issue on any iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, and mine has never had that happened. I wouldn't know what else to try, but for three phones to have it? Sounds absurd
  3. dillonm thread starter macrumors regular

    Mar 31, 2008
    I mean, what else could it be? To get three faulty phones? I honestly don't know - but I don't know what else to do at this point.
  4. vdor macrumors member


    Sep 15, 2016
    Install the iOS 10.1 beta profile and update to iOS 10.1 beta 2, then see if the issue is there for you still.
  5. Rocko99 macrumors member

    Sep 19, 2016
    Whatever you do, report the bug to apple via their feedback website.
  6. C DM macrumors Sandy Bridge

    Oct 17, 2011
    Or better yet via http://bugreport.apple.com
  7. radioking macrumors regular

    Nov 5, 2012
    My 7+ did this once. I don't use the camera too often, but I haven't seen it since.
  8. dillonm thread starter macrumors regular

    Mar 31, 2008
    Is there a way to do that without paying the $99?
  9. vdor macrumors member


    Sep 15, 2016
    Yeah, message me your email
  10. Jayson A macrumors 68000

    Sep 16, 2014
  11. Tortri macrumors 6502a


    Aug 30, 2010
  12. dillonm thread starter macrumors regular

    Mar 31, 2008
    $1,000 phone but have to use a 3rd party app to take pictures. No thanks!
  13. UAV macrumors regular

    Jan 11, 2015
  14. sekazi macrumors 6502

    Jan 12, 2012
    beta.apple.com from your browser on the phone. Sign up which is it free then install the profile and reboot. Check for updates and update to 10.1
  15. Relentless Power macrumors Penryn

    Relentless Power

    Jul 12, 2016
    Three defective iPhones? Apple should be personally contacting you to address your concerns and remedy the issue by supplying you with a device that is operable. Good luck.
  16. Vegaspilot macrumors regular

    Oct 28, 2010
    I bought three iPhone 7's over the past 24 hours. All three had damage/dings/scratches out of the box. Ended up getting a refund. Total bummer.
  17. macfacts macrumors 68040


    Oct 7, 2012
    That doesn't look like a software problem. Return it fast and get another one.
  18. dillonm thread starter macrumors regular

    Mar 31, 2008
    I upgraded to the 10.1 beta 2 - it seems to have fixed the issue - at least for now. Will update if it starts doing it again.
  19. burgman macrumors 68000


    Sep 24, 2013
    No matter the product, whenever I see an owner get 2 or more replacements doing exactly the same thing, there are very few other reports, plus all reports that I have seen have been resolved by a reset or single replacement, I don't know what to think of the report. I guess the OP, and his unfortunate brother in another thread, just aren't meant to have an iPhone 7 plus.
  20. dillonm thread starter macrumors regular

    Mar 31, 2008
    We've both owned every iPhone - never had such problems. I'm inclined to agree that this doesn't seem meant to be!
  21. deadolive macrumors member

    Jun 23, 2014
    Yeah I have yet to see that on my plus. But the day I got it, I loaded 10.1 beta as beta 1 at that time had already dropped. Shouldn't be an issue for you anymore on the beta.
  22. Neebee macrumors 6502a

    Hmm. The OP posted a video and no descriptive text of what his issue is. Three iPhone replacements and the same issues (whatever they are) are still present and nobody else has reported these issues? The OP bought the iPhone 7 over the Samsung Galaxy 7 for taking pics? Hmm. Again.
  23. Naaaaak macrumors 6502

    Mar 26, 2010
    Wow, this looks awful. I can't imagine it's software if you tried a fresh install and still had it. Possibly a bad batch of iPhone 7+s? Perhaps take it back and try a 7+ from another part of the country?
  24. FoxD macrumors 6502a

    Apr 28, 2010
    Mine did that too, had to tap the screen to get it focused. Annoying. Returned mine for other issues though.
  25. dillonm thread starter macrumors regular

    Mar 31, 2008
    UPDATE: it has started doing the exact same thing on 10.1 beta 2

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