iMac 12,2 (mid 2011) airport (wireless) problem

Discussion in 'iMac' started by Sodner, Jun 17, 2011.

  1. Sodner, Jun 17, 2011
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    I have a new 21" base iMac with 16GB of OWC memory. This is my second iMac as I have had a Late 2009 21" for about a year.

    Problem is on this new iMac, the daily time machine backups seem to be killing it. These are being done to my 1TB time capsule wirelessly. Once I wake it from sleep, time machine kicks on and everything crawls. I have excluded my VM's from backup as well as the 100GB iPhoto partition I created on my internal hard drive. But still even these daily incrementals CRUSH the system. Download netspeed times drop from almost 30Mbps to around 5. I get beach balls constantly and have had to even power the thing off as it stops responding as I wait for my time machine backup to cancel.

    Now this worked FINE on my original iMac even without the exclusion of the VM's. It ran fine, never noticed a slow down at all. The only thing different is that 100 GB iPhoto partition that I now mount when I logon. I created this so I could share my library with both iMacs.

    Note I used migration assistant to get my apps and files over then did a fresh install of the SL on the original iMac which my wife and daughter now use. I ran the Apple hardware test, no problems found.

    UPDATE: Seems to be a known wi-fi problem with new iMac's
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    stop the wireless back up. It is slow.

    I would say use superduper = link

    or ccc = link:

    use a wire fw800 hdd for now. look into t-bolt when it comes out.

    if you really want TM use a wired hdd. fw800 is the fastest for now. T-bolt will be faster when it comes out..

    I have a wired tm

    and I do superduper I paid for the schedule option a one time fee of 27 bucks.

    I make 2 clones a week on external hdds. it makes the clones at 2am on sunday and wed each week.
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    ^^^ What he said.
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    Wi-Fi Problems with 2011 iMac's!

    I found a 12 page thread on this problem on the Apple Support Forum. Apparently there is a problem with Wi-Fi in the new 2011 iMac's, both 21 & 27. People have tried new routers, OS reloads, different security, you name it and the wi-fi drop out problem persists. Apparently Windows OS's in Bootcamp do not experience any drop out so users are hoping its a software fix and not a hardware one.

    Stinks that there is an issue but at least I am not alone.

    UPDATE: Reports on the Apple Support Discussion Forum are that this problem has not been resolved in 10.6.8. Sad.

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