iMac 2010 Buying Advise for College Student

Discussion in 'iMac' started by macjram, Sep 14, 2012.

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    I'm about to enter my second year of college as a second year computer science major.

    I currently have a 15" Macbook Pro (mid 2010) and had a Apple Cinema Display for about a month but I ended up returning it because it was just a test trial for me. I ended up really missing the real estate space, especially for coding.

    Seeing as for just a few hundred more dollars I can get an iMac, I was thinking about using the iMac as a server/WiFi hotspot (it'll be connected to my dorm's internet via Ethernet) while also being able to use it as an external/main display.

    I also meddle with web design (photoshop, getting into mysql/php -- but this'll most likely be done on my macbook pro) and a little bit of gaming (just diablo 3, which I'd probably play on my iMac more likely).

    Do you guys find it wise for me to buy a 2010 iMac, or even possibly a 2009 one (they are just a $100-$300 difference on craigslist/ebay so it's probably better just to buy a 2010 right?)

    I'm also open to other recommendations like waiting for the 2012 iMac (which I plan on doing either way since that'll most likely drop the prices on the 2010 iMacs, but then raises the concern on connectivity issues of my 2010 MBP for which maybe I'll upgrade to a Macbook Air..if they come out w/ a 15" version lol) & I'm quite in love w/ Apple's 27" displays

    I'm quite indecisive as displayed by this post


    Lost in thought
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    The wise move is to just buy a large monitor (it doesn't even have to be Apple) and connect it to your existing MBP. An iMac, especially the 27" is not "just a few hundred more dollars" and then you would have to deal with using two computers and sharing files.

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