iMac 2011 iSight thermal sensor damaged during SSD upgrade.

Discussion in 'iMac' started by ViNDi, Mar 2, 2016.

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    The title says it all. I bought an SSD upgrade kit from OWC and in the process of unplugging the thermal sensor that goes up to the iSight camera (identified as TEMP 4 on PCB) the plastic connector broke. I'm guessing due to its age and heat exposure the plastic became brittle. I taped off the two wires and tucked them away. My system works fine except all three fans are going full blast.

    I installed "Macs Fan Control" app and I can adjust them to somewhat manage the temps in the system but it's not perfect as it only lets you pick 3 sensors to listen to, whereas Apple's built in temp management looks at nearly 40 or 50 sensors to adjust all the fans.

    There was a shell command (I cant find now) that I used to print out all the sensors. There are LOTS.. quite impressive actually.

    TLDR: Where can I buy a new iSight camera with the thermal sensor and wire? Since I don't use the camera nearly ever, is there a way I can tell Apple's system to ignore it? do I short the exposed pins on the PCB together?

    edit: I should mention. the socket on the PCB seems to be fine. It's the connector with the two wires that broke.


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