ssd upgrade

  1. M

    HDD upgrade of a 13” A1466

    Just confused about which adapter I should use to upgrade my MacBook Air A1466 2017 model there is different answers. So which one can I use, or which one has people experience with? And how much space can I upgrade to? 512GB, or 1TB.? Right now I’ve have 256GB. And which m.2 works with it ?
  2. M

    Upgrade SSD in Mac Book Pro 2017

    Hi all. My apologies if this has already been posted before. I did have a quick look and didn't find what I was looking for. Have the non touch 2017 MPB with a 128gb and despite having an external SSD it's literally too small. Before I bought it, I thought that I would like a 512gb. I had...
  3. J

    Macbook Air Early 2015 - Long Sintech + Sabrent 1TB crash on wakeup

    Hello, I recently upgraded my 128GB early 2015 macbook air SSD to sabrent 1 TB. So far I've installed mojave twice (fresh). It works fine for a while but after a while it starts crashing on wake up and reboots automatically. Prior to sleep I had a lot of chrome tabs open so I don't know if that...
  4. alexellwood

    Resolved NVMe kernel panics with new drive

    Hi all. I recently bought an ADATA XPG SX8200 Pro M.2 NVMe SSD 512GB for my MacBook Pro 12,1 (early 2015, i5). I'd recently bought with it a Sintech adapter to fit with it, the same one in this eBay listing. It worked for a while, but as I noticed it became a bit funny. More recent problems, it...
  5. O

    SSD Only iMac with Second SSD, Possible?

    Hello Folks, I have an SSD only iMac 2017. At the time of purchase, i did not go for the fusion model, my system only comes with a built in 512GB SSD. Can i add a second 2.5 SATA SSD as a i have a spare one lying around. If yes, will the side brackets already be there when i open up the iMac? I...
  6. M

    iMac running slow with SSD and HDD

    Hi All, I am new to this forum but I cant seem to come right with my issue. I have done a fair bit of research but cant seem to come right. My Issue: I have two 27” iMacs, A Late 2013 and a Late 2012 model, both have the same issue. I installed an SSD into the iMac and did a clean OS High...
  7. T

    Resolved SSD not working internally (mid-2012, Crucial MX500)

    Hi, I have just bought an SSD (Crucial MX500). After many attempts and various problems along the way I have FINALLY managed to clone successfully using Carbon Copy Cloner. My drive is now bootable from a USB-SATA cable by starting up with option key. So clearly the drive is ok. However, when...
  8. boomlapop

    HAT SSD for 2013-2015 Retina MBP?

    So I walk into an Apple Store last week, asking how much they would charge to upgrade my 256GB stock SSD to a 1TB on my NOS 15" 2015 MBP. The guy tells me they don't do that and that I'd have to take it to an authorized Apple Service place, or look on Amazon and hope to find a lucky deal on a...
  9. Giuanniello

    MBPro 15" late 2011 HD to SSD

    My old MBPro 15" is a late 2011 one whose MainBoard has been changed due to ack failure from Apple and as such is in good working conditions, quad core i7 and 16GB RAM but with the old spinning HD is a pain to even just turn it on and as such I use way more the tiny MBA13" whose screen, when...
  10. waaseemch

    iMac mid 2011...few questions regarding:SSD upgrade

    Hi guys It's my first ever post in any Forum so please please be gentle.... I am new to forums...never used any forums before so please help if I am missing some rules or guide to right direction please.... I have iMac mid 2011 27"....with 1TB it.... Given to me by a friend I have...
  11. snadge

    Upgrade to latest OS on Macbook Pro Mid 2009

    Hi, my uncle has a 'mid-2009' MacBook Pro and it won't let him upgrade to the latest version of the there a way around this? or is it because of hardware compatibility problems (too old for new OS)? Also, we are upgrading the battery and HDD to an SSD, can, which or how should we go...
  12. S

    2015 MBP SSD Upgrade?

    I'm interested in an SSD upgrade for my 2015 rmbp 8/256. There appear to be upgrade options from OWC and MCETech respectively:
  13. FlightDeckBug

    MBP Mid 2012 SSD Upgrade w/ Bootcamp

    Hi All, First of all sorry if answer is already given here but I made a pretty long search but did not satisfied. I have MBP Mid 2012(A1398) 256GB SSD with bootcamp Win7. I decided to upgrade my drive to 1TB and almost bought Samsung 860 EVO but read an review mentions "bootcamp is not...
  14. S

    macbook air 2015 ssd upgrade using samsung 960 evo

    I heard that nvme drives like the samsung 960 evo is now compatible with High Sierra. Has anyone tried this? what are the advantages and disadvantages?
  15. M


    Hi I am looking to upgrade the SSD on my MacBookAir7,1 (11") early 2015. I need a 1TB disk. I saw the Transcend JetDrive 820. (speed according to data: read & write 950MB/s) My question, how fast is the "original" ssd that is built in, in my macbook? (cant fidn the info) Is the Transcend...
  16. K

    iMac 2017 for Xcode and 4k video?

    Please help my decision!
  17. I

    Upgrade MBP harddrive to 1TB

    So I have a MacBook Pro 11,4 mid-2015, with 256GB harddive and would like to upgrade it to 1TB. I found an OWC Aura SSD 1TB ( but I'm not sure it is compatible with the macbook pro? Do any of you know...
  18. The Clark

    Is it possible to reinstall MacOS after upgrading the SSD without a flash drive?

    I am about to install an SSD into my Macbook Pro 2012 non retina, and in terms of the hardware side I think I know what I'm doing. However I'm not sure what to do after the disk is installed. What I initially planned on doing was installing the drive and then holding "command" + "r" to access...
  19. D

    First time owner (2015 Macbook Pro)

    Hey guys! Recently took the plunge to buy a Macbook. I've personally never had a Mac before, but as a fan of the Iphone (and iOS) I figured I'd get one for various tasks. Web design, writing, some coding and perhaps some light music editing in the future :) I did alot of research, and figured...
  20. Fetseun

    Mac Mini SSD upgrade

    Hi All, New to the forum and very new to opening up my mini! I know there are a ton of threads on this but I really just want to make sure I am ordering the right stuff. I have a late 2012 model that is very slow. I run an online store and do some web design, video edits etc. So I don't...