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ssd upgrade

  1. P

    27" 2017 imac HDD to SSD upgrade questions

    Hi, never posted here before, but have followed along with some upgrades on different macs based on the incredibly helpful guides in this forum! I've recently aquired a base level 27", 2017 imac (3.4ghz 1TBfusion 8gb ram). I've upgraded the ram, but I would like to have faster read/write for...
  2. JZJJZJ123

    Does a1398 2014 15inch support 8tb m.2 ssd?

    Does a1398 2014 15inch support 8tb m.2 ssd? I am currently 4tb Installed ventura via olpc
  3. E

    iMac removable screen - 2012-2020 hardware mod

    I miss the iMacs of 2009-2011. Despite their high GPU failure rates they were easy to get in to and upgrade. Specifically upgrading hard drives with SSDs. It is not an impossible task with 2012-2020 iMacs, but its sort of a one-and-done thing. You can really only remove and replace the adhesive...
  4. E

    iMac 2017 Samsung 970 Evo Plus Sleep Issue

    Hi there guys. I just upgraded my old iMac 2017 from Fusion Drive to a Samsung 970 Evo Plus Nvme and also changed the Internal HDD with a Crucial SSD 1TB. The performance is awesome and the computer feels just like new but I noticed that the iMac completely turns off after 1 minute of going to...
  5. A

    Mojave not mounting periferals on wakeup

    I use a MBP 2014, running latest Macos Mojave patch, with an upgraded after market SSD (crucial p2). Ever since I did my SSD upgrade I've been having problems with periferals being recognised/mounted. It seems to be pretty inconsistent, but from what I've been able to narrow down, if I plug a...
  6. S

    Mac mini failing to install Mac OS on Kingston ssd

    ***Long post warning. So, long story short, I swapped out the hard drive for an ssd and have been failing to install Mac OS ever since 1st problem: after removing the hard drive, I realized that my data to usb cable broke. Great start to the day. 2nd problem: keys for recoveryOS goes into...
  7. B

    NVMe Upgrade Macbook Air 2017

    Hello, so I am currently in the process of considering an SSD upgrade as when I bought my 2017 MBA I only bought it with 128GB of storage. I have checked out some posts regarding the NVMe SSD's that are known to work and have checked out this post...
  8. Jumme_Cph

    Late 2015 iMac 27”: Upgrade to NVMe SSD - and remove stock HDD

    So. I recently purchased a late 2015 27” iMac with only HDD. I want to completely remove the stock HDD, and install a NVMe (pcie) SSD as the only drive. I already purchased: Glue cutter, new glue set, 2TB Samsung EVO 970 Plus SSD. Questions are: A) It’s my understanding that my iMac will...
  9. Georges_walker

    Issues regardin software licenses for Replacing the original hard disk for a SSD

    Hi, I currently have a MacBook Pro late 2010 running High Sierra 10.13.6, 8 Gb RAM I've a Photoshop CS5 license installed and I wonder if replacing the hard disk for a SSD will provoke that I have to lose the current Photoshop License. As you may know, the CS5 license is perpetual, I don't have...
  10. N

    Are there any OWC Aura Pro X2 success stories?

    I bought my Aura Pro X2 from the online retailer under a month ago, excited to upgrade my Mac Air's SSD yet still cautious I went for the 240 GB drive. Having always used their memory products on my mac pro 4,1 I didn't consider watching many reviews or do much internet scouring and I believe...
  11. M

    HDD upgrade of a 13” A1466

    Just confused about which adapter I should use to upgrade my MacBook Air A1466 2017 model there is different answers. So which one can I use, or which one has people experience with? And how much space can I upgrade to? 512GB, or 1TB.? Right now I’ve have 256GB. And which m.2 works with it ?
  12. M

    Upgrade SSD in Mac Book Pro 2017

    Hi all. My apologies if this has already been posted before. I did have a quick look and didn't find what I was looking for. Have the non touch 2017 MPB with a 128gb and despite having an external SSD it's literally too small. Before I bought it, I thought that I would like a 512gb. I had...
  13. J

    Macbook Air Early 2015 - Long Sintech + Sabrent 1TB crash on wakeup

    Hello, I recently upgraded my 128GB early 2015 macbook air SSD to sabrent 1 TB. So far I've installed mojave twice (fresh). It works fine for a while but after a while it starts crashing on wake up and reboots automatically. Prior to sleep I had a lot of chrome tabs open so I don't know if that...
  14. alexellwood

    Resolved NVMe kernel panics with new drive

    Hi all. I recently bought an ADATA XPG SX8200 Pro M.2 NVMe SSD 512GB for my MacBook Pro 12,1 (early 2015, i5). I'd recently bought with it a Sintech adapter to fit with it, the same one in this eBay listing. It worked for a while, but as I noticed it became a bit funny. More recent problems, it...
  15. O

    SSD Only iMac with Second SSD, Possible?

    Hello Folks, I have an SSD only iMac 2017. At the time of purchase, i did not go for the fusion model, my system only comes with a built in 512GB SSD. Can i add a second 2.5 SATA SSD as a i have a spare one lying around. If yes, will the side brackets already be there when i open up the iMac? I...
  16. M

    iMac running slow with SSD and HDD

    Hi All, I am new to this forum but I cant seem to come right with my issue. I have done a fair bit of research but cant seem to come right. My Issue: I have two 27” iMacs, A Late 2013 and a Late 2012 model, both have the same issue. I installed an SSD into the iMac and did a clean OS High...
  17. T

    Resolved SSD not working internally (mid-2012, Crucial MX500)

    Hi, I have just bought an SSD (Crucial MX500). After many attempts and various problems along the way I have FINALLY managed to clone successfully using Carbon Copy Cloner. My drive is now bootable from a USB-SATA cable by starting up with option key. So clearly the drive is ok. However, when...
  18. boomlapop

    HAT SSD for 2013-2015 Retina MBP?

    So I walk into an Apple Store last week, asking how much they would charge to upgrade my 256GB stock SSD to a 1TB on my NOS 15" 2015 MBP. The guy tells me they don't do that and that I'd have to take it to an authorized Apple Service place, or look on Amazon and hope to find a lucky deal on a...
  19. Giuanniello

    MBPro 15" late 2011 HD to SSD

    My old MBPro 15" is a late 2011 one whose MainBoard has been changed due to ack failure from Apple and as such is in good working conditions, quad core i7 and 16GB RAM but with the old spinning HD is a pain to even just turn it on and as such I use way more the tiny MBA13" whose screen, when...
  20. waaseemch

    iMac mid 2011...few questions regarding:SSD upgrade

    Hi guys It's my first ever post in any Forum so please please be gentle.... I am new to forums...never used any forums before so please help if I am missing some rules or guide to right direction please.... I have iMac mid 2011 27"....with 1TB it.... Given to me by a friend I have...