iMessages works on iPhone but not iPad

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    Apr 19, 2016
    okay, so I have a 4th gen iPad with Retina display (wifi only) and an iPhone 6 (on AT&T). I've been using both for iMessages without a problem until now. I can send messages, both text and picture/video messages from the iPhone 6 with no issues!! It works perfectly. When I send a message with text from the iPad to my wife's iPhone 6, it goes through without any issue, but when I send a message containing an image, it says not delivered in bright red with an exclamation point! I've got perfect wifi signal, that isn't the issue. It's just sending her picture messages that's the problem. I've restarted the iPad a dozen times, that doesn't help. I connected it to the computer, it still doesn't work. My wife thinks the iPad is dying and it's time for a new one. Can anyone help me on this? Am I the only one who has this issue or is there someone else who's going through the same dilemma?
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