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  1. S

    iPhone <-> Mac: Messages in iCloud, Problems with Sync (Deleting a Message on Mac Doesn't Delete on iPhone)

    Basically dying here, spent HOURS on troubleshooting this, but there's simply nothing wrong with my setup from as far as I can see. Devices: iPhone 14 Pro (iOS 16.0.2), MacBook Pro (macOS 12.6) iCloud enabled on both devices, logged into same Apple ID. iPhone Settings for iCloud has...
  2. S

    iMessages in the cloud not working

    I have a 128gb iPhone 12 Pro running ios16. I have iMessages in the cloud on but since I updated from ios15 my storage has been gobbled up by iMessages on my phone. It was 40gb a few days ago now it’s 46gb. My brother has the same problem on his 13 pro. Anyone else seeing the same thing?
  3. T

    iCloud Acting...Weird? iMessages Pins and Safari Bookmarks

    Today I have experienced a few very weird issues with iCloud, iMessage, and Safari bookmarks. Ill list them below in the order that they happened. 1. All but 1 of the 9 pinned message threads I had in the Messages app disappeared. Eight threads became unpinned with only my wife's pin (which was...
  4. E

    iCloud icloud -- cannot login on Mac -- can login on iphone

    Hi everyone. I'm having a recurring issue now for the past few hours with icloud on my Mac. My notes stopped syncing across mac and iphone yesterday. I logged out of icloud on my mac (Macbook 15-inch 2018 running 10.13.6 up to date) toda. I could not log back in. Every time i tried i get this...
  5. N

    iPhone 13 iPhone 13, no Top Conversations listed

    Got iPhone-13 and restored from iCloud, ios 15 All messages came through, no issues However, going to Settings -> AppleID -> iCloud -> Manage Storage -> Messages -> Top Conversations It shows "Zero KB" I have over 800MB in Messages. What happened here?
  6. remoteportal

    How do I easily export entire iMessage thread to PDF on MacBook Pro without manually scrolling back?

    I know how to export to PDF the most recent messages by tediously scrolling back the iMessages thread from my friend on my MacBook Pro then printing them to PDF. BUT HERE IS THE PROBLEM: scrolling back goes slower and slower and I can only go back about a year before iMessages app crashes...
  7. 16BitArcadeGraphics

    iPhone XR I am receiving text messages on "messages" app on Mac but not on phone

    Does anyone know why this is the case? I have iMessages disabled on my phone. I had no clue I was even receiving text messages for the past month until I checked the messages app by mistake yesterday and saw so many texts I had never received on my phone. Does anyone know how to get simple...
  8. W

    iPhone iMessage search issue 13.1 (and 13.0)

    I'm having a search issue on imessage where I can no longer type in a phone number and bring up a previous conversation. My text messages are the key to income in my industry (sales) where most of our contacts text first. Not being able to search by their number is throwing me a curve ball...
  9. S

    Accessing unsaved iMessages?

    hi everyone, I have an iPhone 6s Plus. Recently, the phone died before I could back it up - I got a replacement iPhone 6s Plus and downloaded what’s backed up in the last back up, which was one month ago. Between the last backup and when my phone died (and it was wiped), I had received some...
  10. MarkSta69

    Message Syncing

    Is anyone having issues with messages not syncing between iPhone and iPad? iPhone XS Max and iPad Pro 11 I’ve noticed that when I check messages on my iPhone they still show as unchecked on my iPad. They sync correctly when checking them on my iPad. When I check messages on my iPad they...
  11. B

    Logged out of iCloud, still getting texts

    Hi, I have recently done an upgrade of my mom's MacBook Air 2012 from Sierra to High Sierra. I entered her iCloud details during the installation, and afterwards signed her out again, so all the calendar and contact info disappeared from the macbook as expected. However, the text messages she...
  12. L

    Wrong number on iMessage following sim swap

    Hi, I changed from pay as you go with Three UK to a monthly contract with Three UK. To facilitate this, you get a new SIM with a new number, you then fill out a form on their site to bring your old number from the pay as you go SIM over. Both my iPad and MacBook asked if I wanted to add this...
  13. I

    Possible to merge two iMessage conversations?

    My wife got a new phone number (long story -- had to be done). We've been messaging each other with the new phone number, but it's keeping the old iMessage conversations separated. Call me sentimental, but I'd like to keep the old conversations, which includes messaging from the time of our...
  14. Laisha

    Messages Has Died

    It must be that I am not supposed to be communicating with anyone! First my iPhone, and now this: On the 27th, for no apparent reason, the Messages app simply stopped working on my desktop computer, macOS High Sierra. I get zero messages on it, and although I can send messages and it give me a...
  15. ZestyOne

    iMessages going haywire

    Is anyone else experiencing this with iMessages on OSX 10.13.6? It's extremely frustrating... im 99% sure its a bug/iMessage servers going down 1. Sending texts a lot of times results in sporadic messages not being sent with a red !, yet the person sees them because they reply to it (I'm on...
  16. Z

    iPhone 5 or earlier iMessages I send are automatically read

    Hello guys, I've got an issues since yesterday, where whenever I send a message to one contact, he doesn't have any notifications or sounds or anything that can prevent him from me sending him a message. He has to go to his messages and to get in the chat so he can see them. From my point of...
  17. Amy Lord

    iPhone HELP: Someone hacked my iMessages, but idk how...

    So, someone hacked my iMessages from a computer on some website, took pictures of the messages on their laptop screen, and then sent them to my boyfriend trying to start a fight between us over one of my past relationships. I also went back and checked my messages, and the ones sent to my bf are...
  18. fountaineer

    imessages with icloud ios 11.4

    I'm wondering how the current messages on the phone will be treated once icloud imessages is activated. does anyone have some experience with ios 11.4 beta 1 and that feature? Ideally I would like to keep all of my past imessages/messages and be able to activate icloud. That way if i restore...
  19. H

    How to delete iMessages from iCloud

    I deleted all messages from all devices, including iPhone, iPad and Mac. There are zero messages right now. I deleted Messages folder in Library and let Messages generate new one, just to be sure that they are removed from hard drive. I've deleted all backups that were kept in iCloud for each...
  20. I

    10.13.3 Broke My iMessages

    Anyone else have problems logging into imessages on Mac OS after the 10.13.3 update?