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Aug 8, 2009

I have (I think) imported a movie from my desktop taken on Nikon 800. It was grabbed without knowledge or skill just because I needed too.
iMove Help shows iMovie looking nothing like mine and the explanations just do not match what i can see on my screen. It is 10.1.2.....
All I want to do is crop some of the video off the beginning and some off the end. Simples! :-( not so far.

Is there a first timers SIMPLE guide somewhere?

Thank you in advance; PS editing skills are of nouse here ;-)


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Feb 10, 2008
If all you want to do is trim, it may be easier for you to open the movie in QuickTime (just double clicking the video should do this) and use QT's trim feature. Then, after trimming, save as to a place you can find it with a name you can remember.

In iMovie you would create a new project, select the piece of video you want from the imported clip, drag it to the project, then share the project.
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