Incipio NGP - Polymer Case


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Jul 20, 2007
I'm still searching for a decent thin case for my 3GS. Rubber is sticky, becomes dirty, en deforms. Hard plastic scratches, and scratches the phone too. This NGP is the only case I've see so far that is something in between


Any experiences with this one? Or any other suggestions that is something between Rubber (More Ultra Thin for example) and hard plastic (Griffin Reveal or Incipio Feather for example)?

Unspoken Demise

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Apr 16, 2009
I never knew about this case. Thanks for the heads-up and link. :)
Will definetly have to check it out.

It seems to be a LOT like iSkin, but 10$ cheaper and with a video stand and screen protector. I may actually buy this at my next check. I need a case and I was gravitating towards the Solo. For 10$ cheaper and accessories this seems like a steal. Anyone have any experience? Is the sleep/ awake button as hard to press as with the Solo?


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Aug 26, 2008
Can anyone post pics? I have heard that it has no water marking at all and has a clear version?

what about the thickness vs. the solo?

I never found the solo to be hard to press any buttons, try a candyshell :)


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Jun 8, 2009
If anyone has the clear "20/20" version of this case, would you please post some pics, especially of the back of the case when on the phone.

I'm very curious to know if there is any watermarking, and if so - how much. Also would love to hear your impressions if you own the case.



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Mar 23, 2009
+1 for the clear one on a black iphone.

looks sweet in the video.

btw, thats the same material as the speck's new seethru?


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Jun 8, 2009
btw, thats the same material as the speck's new seethru?
No, the Speck is a hard plastic with a rubber "rim" on the front/edge basically. It allows you to slip the phone into the 1 piece construction.

The Incipio NGP is a rubber-like material. It has some give like sillicone, but is said to be smooth to the touch.

I love the clear cases, but I hate the scratches they get on the hard plastic, as the Speck does. Hoping the NGP solves that issues if it looks good without watermarks and all.


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Jun 8, 2009
I emailed the folks at Incipio and asked if they could take a picture of the back of an iPhone with one of these cases around the office, and they did!

They sent me some pictures of the back of a white phone with the "Translucent Black" case on, and it looked pretty excellent. I did not see any watermarks at all.

I went ahead and ordered the Clear 20/20 case, and it's on it's way. I will post pictures of the case on this thread when I get it, hopefully it's as nice as it seems.

In any case, kudos to the Inicpio team for being so helpful! I would post the pictures they sent me, but since the Customer Service person referred to them as "amateurish" I'll refrain in case they'd rather I not. You can expect some pics of my phone in the Clear 20/20 version soon though.


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Jun 8, 2009
I should clarify: My case shipped yesterday (20th), so it'll be a few days before I get it and take pics. But I will post them here as soon as I take them.


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Apr 15, 2008
I must disagree. I have both and they are VERY similar.

I have actually purchased many cases from Ebay and they are much less expensive, and if you are careful, have the same quality.

You are usually paying a lot more for advertising and a name.


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Jun 8, 2009
Ok, got the case last night. Again hats off to Incipio for such fast shipping from Cali. Took only 2 days for shipping (and I chose the free shipping option).

***If you don't want to read my thoughts on the case, and you like the pictures, be sure to at least read the end comments on case color vs iPhone color!***

I'm a bit picky about cases. I wanted something softer like silicone that would reduce the chances of scratching my chrome. I also wanted some impact absorption that you don't get with most hard cases.

I really liked both the clear look and the low profile of the Power Support Air Jacket Crystal, but I did not like how the hard plastic was so easily scratched. (Plus it scratched my bezel). If you have to worry about setting your phone down carefully when in a case, the case is not doing it's job.

I've tried a few different clear rubber/silicone style cases, but they all had the same flaw - they left watermark spots on the back of the case when on the phone. I did not care for that look, and that is why I was very interested in the NGP case when I read it had no watermarks (I was skeptical).

The Incipio NGP 20/20 Clear
Here are my impressions of the case so far. Keep in mind that it's only from one evening and this morning, so it's possible my feelings might change after longer use.

I purchased the "Clear 20/20" version of the case as I have a white iPhone 3GS and thought it would look best with this version.

Right off the bat the case took a negative hit as I noticed that it was not in fact as clear as the term "20/20" implies. It was a bit cloudy in transparancy, however it was still more transparent than my old Power Support "clear" Silicon Jacket .

Once you put the case on the phone however it was much better than the case alone looked. It is a bit cloudy technically in transparancy, but not enough to prevent you from even being able to read the GB size text on the back.

NGP_Pic_03_2.jpg NGP_Pic_04_2.jpg

The material is a resilient rubber style. Not quite silicone feeling, but close. The advantage to this "new composite" material is that it's smooth to the touch. Unlike typical silicone cases that have some grip (and attract dust), this is smooth and glides very nicely into my pants pocket.

Application was a breeze, the material is flexible but not floppy like thin silicone cases. It's one of the typical pop-edges-around-the-phone style fits, and went on smoothly and quickly.

The most amazing thing though, which is obvious in the pictures, is there truly is no watermarking. That it's immensely impressive considering how snug of a fit the material is to the case. I'm not sure how they managed that, I suppose it is due to the material, but Incipio deserves praise for that fact alone.

The fun doesn't end on the back of the phone, the front is rather nice too I think. The material comes just barely over the bezel edge, but does completely cover it. It's so "just barely" over the bezel that I can even see the edges of the screen protector next to the case edge!

NGP_Pic_01.jpg NGP_Pic_02.jpg

The case does have a small "lip" over the edge allowing you to place the phone face down while keeping the glass of the phone off the resting surface. This case's "lip" is extra nice though as it's much smaller than most cases. It might be due to how close the material edge is to the bezel, but it feels much lower profile that other case's "lip" feature.

In terms of thickness overall it's fairly minimal. Do not expect an Incipio Feather thickness or anything, but it's pretty thin for the case type. If any of you have used a Marware Flexi-shell (my previous case) it's maybe just a hair thinner than that, and a hair more flexible.

In fact my last case (the Flexi-shell) had a critical issue beyond it's slightly poor fit around the phone. After just a few weeks of use the white Flexi-shell had a blue tint from my jeans pocket. I'll be very curious to know if this case absorbs and color, hopefully not.

My initial impressions are very good. This could in fact be the case I have been searching for for some time now. It's both flexible, but sturdy. It's got some shock absorption from the material, while still being clear enough to read the text on the back. And finally it's fairly low profile when on the phone. Perhaps not the thinnest case I've ever used, but considering it's other plus points...thin enough.

Overall if I had to rate this case with numbers I'd give it an 8.5/10.
It loses a point for the fact that the material is a little cloudy, and not truly clear. And the only other complaint is the thin material strip just above the docking port is a little flimsy due to it's thinness. Probably should be expected due to how narrow the strip is, but they could have added a small amount of material between the mic/speaker and the docking port to strengthen it. I would take a 1/2 point off for that.

Pretty minor negatives if i'm honest, however I would state this about any future buyer's color choices:

***Case Color Vs. iPhone Color***
The "Clear 20/20" version looks excellent on a white phone, however I don't believe it would be attractive on a black iPhone.

I put some black material against the case and it made it look more milky in color. If you have a black iPhone I would think you'd be better off with their "Translucent Black" variety which is still clear enough to see the apple logo.

Do note that the above picture is a white iPhone though - but you can see the transparency.

I will toss this case on my Fiancee's black iPhone tonight and snap a picture for anyone if interested.


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Aug 5, 2008
sorry but those look horrendous...I wouldn't compare those to anything incipio puts out.
Well while you're "looking" at them on a monitor I actually have an iSkin Solo and three of these knock offs in my hand. The cutouts on the Solo do not align with the ports and camera lens very well. The knock offs are the exact same material and align perfectly on the phone. It's not even close which case is better, the $5 knock off wins hands down. My phone is my only camera otherwise I'd post pics with the cases on. I don't have a 20/20 so I can't comment on that case. I posted that link as a comparison only to this type of case.


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May 13, 2008
Dallas, TX
Fantastic review! I've just received a Speck "SeeThru" that is very impressive as well. I'd love to get a side by side review of these two competitors from two very solid companies.

I'm a big Incipio Feather fan as well, so I may have to get one of these 20/20's based on your review.

BTW...No watermarking on the SeeThru so far (only day two).