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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by richieb05, Jan 10, 2017.

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    Has something like this happened to anyone before? Does anyone have an idea on how to deal with a situation like this? And who we can talk to? As we were treated very poorly by Apple.

    I run a small production company in Florida (with a tax exemption), and called Apple Business Services to order five new iMacs 10 weeks ago; which I financed. Apple made the following mistakes which lead to our company receiving the computers 10 weeks later... and costing us some money in the process.

    1. The person who helped me on the phone wrote down my address incorrectly at first, which slowed down the tax exemption approval process. (She wrote 12th ave instead of 124th ave) This can happen to anyone. She also sent me an invoice with only the SKU number of the item, and not with the actual specs of the computers, or our information.

    2. In order to fix the address problem, she then changed the shipping address to the address of the financing company in a different state. So the tax exemption was rejected.

    3. The tax exemption department accused us of trying to do something illegal. And sent us a link to the Florida Revenue Department.

    4. After a polite email on my part explaining the error of the shipping and billing addresses, the person helping me did not do anything about it, and then told me to please call again, and deal with someone else who might have a better understanding of our situation.

    5. I went to an Apple Store instead. The lady who helped us told us that she could not accept the tax exemption form.

    6. She then found out that she could after we conveniently sent her a link to the Florida Department of Revenue.

    7. The financing company specifically said in an email that the payment would be done as an ACH, and the new person at the Apple Store processed the order as a wire transfer. So the order didn't go through.

    8. We were then told that the only way the order could go through quickly was if we did a wire transfer instead. Which we did. The order went through.

    9. We finally received a detailed invoice... and the order was incorrect. The specs did not match the original specs of the computers we had ordered.

    10. We were told we would get compensated for our troubles, and that they would expedite the shipping.

    11.We were then forced to place another wire transfer paying the $1000 difference of the order due to their mistake to speed up the order.

    12. We did not get any response until after a week later, and it was only when we called multiple times, and sent numerous emails that they finally processed the order. However, they processed the order with regular shipping.

    13. The computers were not shipped with expedited shipping, and after I asked about the compensation, I never received a response.
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    I can't speak to most of this, but maybe send your list to Tim's and Angela's emails? It's not like you're ranting or anything.

    When I took my current position and started flexing my IT powers, I contacted my local store's business team (I knew they loved leads as I had worked there) and was stunned at A) how difficult it was to get in touch with them in the first place (I had to do it through the regular store email) and B) how long their responses took. I ended up going elsewhere because of it.

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