Increase System Font Size - How?

Discussion in 'macOS' started by RZetlin, Sep 8, 2007.

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    Jul 1, 2014
    I'm a hardcore mac os fan, and am writing this on a macbook air. I convinced my mum that her next computer ought to be an iMac, which she picked up today... too bad she can't read the text on the 27" screen. oops
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    eacao wrote above:
    [[ I'm a hardcore mac os fan, and am writing this on a macbook air. I convinced my mum that her next computer ought to be an iMac, which she picked up today... too bad she can't read the text on the 27" screen. oops ]]

    I'll reckon that if she had bought a Mac Mini and a "mid-rez" 27" display (1920x1080), she would be doing much better.

    What young folks simply cannot understand is that older folks can't see small text as clearly as they do.

    Text that "looks good" (readable) to us older folks, is going to look "GRAINY!" to you.

    My suggestion is for your mum to return the iMac if possible, pick up the Mini instead, and then get one of the mid-rez 27" displays. She will like that MUCH better.

    The one I use:
    ...but there are numerous other choices available.
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    Aug 26, 2014
    MacBook Air 11-inch Worst Mistake for Visually Impaired Person!

    I got a MacBook Air 11-inch back in October of 2013, and have been pretty much REGRETTING it ever since. I thought that between Zoom and things like TinkerTool I would get along just fine. Well, I am not much of a fan of Zoom. Its tiring as I would have to scroll my mouse back and forth, back and forth, back and forth while reading tweets or web pages. I much prefer using the tricks I've learned while serving my time in Windows World... but unfortunately, those tricks don't work in Mac Land! TinkerTool made absolutely no noticeable difference to me either. Windows 8.1 is getting ridiculous and Mac looked like the logical OS to switch too, but it's looking like their UI is just as useless (maybe worse in some ways) as Windows is getting. I don't know what my next step should be... but unless OS X shapes up I may have to find a different way to compute in the future.
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    I THINK I've got a workaround, with a 'but...'!

    Dear Everyone.

    OK. First of all I'm not a Mac owner, but my sister's got a Mac Mini which I use sometimes when she's out so she can't catch me using it (people have died for far less!) There's a magnification tool on it called - I think - Zoom. I'm not sure if it's part of Mac or if it's a download. But you can use it to roll over buttons/icons you can't see properly and they're still clickable when they're magnified, I know that cos I've used it like that a ton of times.

    I know it's not a permanent, or probably even best, solution but it might work to help out? I THINK there's a way of increasing all font size but I'm gonna have to wait till my sister's around and in an amenable state (she's the one person I know who could make Margaret Thatcher help out with the washing up!)

    Still, I hope this helps. I'll be in touch soon with a better solution, I hope.

    Yours respectfully

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    Solutions to small font problemos!

    Dear Everyone.

    For some reason I don't understand I'm allowed to answer this thread but I'm not allowed to post anything anywhere else, I've tried asking for new activation codes (if I need them, how come I can post here!?!) but anyway.

    This link:-

    has a whole bunch of screen magnifiers for Macs. I haven't tried any of them because I don't have a mac - my sister does but she's a tad protective of it, at the prices these things cost she should be - and she won't let me test them out on it. But the blurbs on the site above DO say they all let you click on magnified links. OK they're not permanent solutions - BUT - you could set them up to come on automatically when you turn the Mac on, so the screen's always magnified when you use it. If you're somewhere where you don't want the screen totally magnified, they reduce down to little magnifying glasses that roll over things.

    I know it's not the best solution, but Macs annoy the living heck out of me because of things like this anyway, that's why I'm a PC user! (P)erfect (C)omputer? But I hope the above helps you Mac guys out a little!

    Yours respectfully

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    Jun 6, 2009
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    Still a PROBLEM

    This thread was initiated in 2007 ! ! ! ! Lots of users have complained about the small text size, especially on large screen Macs. No response from Apple.

    Several other threads regarding "Resolution Independence" have been posted with no response from Apple.

    I love my Mac, but this 27" Retina iMac is really pushing the eyestrain problem.
    WHERE IS APPLE ? ? ? ?

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