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Apr 12, 2001

Instagram is preparing to launch in-app subscriptions, allowing users to pay for exclusive content from their favorite creators as the platform looks to move away from conventional ads for monetization, recent App Store listings have suggested.


In May of this year, Instagram head Adam Mosseri said in an interview with The Information that the platform was exploring the idea of subscriptions, explaining there are "different ways to facilitate a financial relationship between a fan and a creator." "Being able to subscribe to some differentiated or unique or exclusive content actually feels more additive as a fan than seeing an ad," he added.

Now, Instagram seems to be preparing to put its ambitions into action. As reported by TechCrunch, Instagram's App Store listing has recently gained new in-app subscriptions, as first spotted by Sensor Tower. The new in-app purchases are listed as "Instagram Subscriptions" for $0.99 and $4.99. Previously, Instagram had only listed Instagram Badge as an in-app purchase.


In practice, the new subscription would let users pay their favorite creators for exclusive content not seen by non-paying users. According to screenshots shared by reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi, a subscription will include a "Member Badge," which gifts subscribers a "special badge" next to their username, and "Exclusive content."

Subscriptions are just one of the multiple features Instagram has in the pipeline to expand monetization opportunities for creators on the platform. As also revealed by Paluzzi, Instagram is working on "Exclusive Stories," which, as the name suggests, will offer paying followers access to exclusive stories.

Article Link: Instagram Preparing to Launch Subscriptions to Let Users Pay for 'Exclusive Content' From Creators


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May 22, 2018
New Zealand
has this been a success for Twitter? I know lots of people use Patreon, but I can’t imagine it having the same appeal when you’re trapped inside the instagram app for everything on offer
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Oct 19, 2021
Instagram+ should be a flat $4.99 / month subscription like YouTube TV.

You get access to 100 content creators of your choosing, their premium content, and maybe high resolution photos.

And then content creators are paid by followers / ratings, like Cable TV.

Or, like Apple Music if you’ve ever used that thing…
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Jun 22, 2020
It's idol worship at every conceivable level. Humans in a perpetual loop of idolisation of other humans. An expanding influencer class and a misled influenced class, neither with tangible merit and both deserving pity. It has become the mark of a wise man not in what he engages in, but what he avoids engaging in. The avoidance of participation in these social media systems, with their ego-generating algorithmic manipulation, may just become an authentic indicator of a person's true intelligence and level of consciousness going forward.
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Jan 14, 2013
Or, like Apple Music if you’ve ever used that thing…

LoL, I love Apple Music.
I don't see why it is usually addressed as a joke and it doesn't seem to be any worse than Spotify; in some regards it's even better (like the iCloud library and matching your locally stored music).
Not dissing Spotify here, but I don't get the difference in treatment.
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