Intel 510 SSD in FW800 Case on mid 2011 iMac(My results)

Discussion in 'iMac' started by mortenfjord, May 13, 2011.

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    I just wanted to share my findings on my iMac/SSD "project".
    I bought an mid 2011 iMac (27"/3,4 Ghz) with the standard 1 Gb disk. Then on the side I bought an Intel 510 120 Gb SSD and installed it in a WireWire 800 case from RaidSonic (Icybox).

    On a Fresh install the standard drive gives me a Xbench scoore of 105 points.
    A fresh install on the SSD in the Firewire case gives me a Xbench scoore of 144 points.

    I think I'm going to pay a certified Apple reseller to install my SSD inside the iMac i order to get the full speed of the disk (around 350 point).

    /Morten, Denmark

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    Good luck finding an authorized place that will do it, as I believe most won't put in non- "apple approved" products. One thing you could do is to get a Thunderbolt enclosure (whenever they get around to making them), and you'll have the full speed that way.
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    listen to him and wait for a thunderbolt case.

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