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Apr 12, 2001

Intel plans to move up the launch of its 14-nanometer Coffee Lake processors, introducing them in August of 2017 instead of January 2018. According to DigiTimes, the launch is being moved up because of "increasing competition from AMD's Ryzen 7 and Ryzen 5 processors."

The site says Intel will release several K-series Core i3, i5, and i7 processors starting in August, along with its Z370 chipsets. Additional CPUs will come at the end of 2017 or early in 2018.

Intel also plans to unveil its Basin Falls platform, with Skylake-X and Kaby Lake-X processors at Computex 2017, which takes place from May 30 to June 3, which is two months earlier than originally scheduled.


Intel's Skylake-X series features 140W processors with 6, 8, and 10-core architectures, while Kaby Lake X-series features a 112W quad-core processor. Intel also plans to release a 12-core Skylake-X processor in August. Intel's Basin Falls platform could potentially be used in future Mac Pro machines and the rumored high-end server-grade iMac.

Coffee Lake chips appropriate for Apple machines were originally set to launch somewhere around the second quarter of 2018, so if rumors of Intel's updated timeline are true, the launch could be moved forward to either late 2017 or early in 2018.

Coffee Lake chips are manufactured on Intel's 14-nanometer process and will be the fourth processor family to use the architecture after Broadwell, Skylake, and Kaby Lake.

Apple is rumored to have new machines in the works for 2017, including new iMacs, which are likely to use Kaby Lake chips.

Article Link: Intel Rumored to Debut Basin Falls Platform in May, Launch Coffee Lake Chips in August


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Jun 27, 2007
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Even the non-X versions are supposed to feature a six core i7, right? Thought I read that somewhere. Would love to get a six-core iMac and a decent GPU from Nvidia and 32GB RAM for under $3500 in early 2018. Please?
Where do they get these names from? Kaby, Broadwell, Coffee?
I think they are the names of locations around where Intel makes the chips, like mountains and stuff.


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Oct 2, 2015
Hopefully we see them in the new iMac.

I don't think they would want to experience another 'last gen processor' backlash - and with the MBP the processors weren't even out yet!
Won't happen. New iMacs are out late this year (theoretically) and Apple never puts brand new chips in their machines.


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Oct 10, 2011
Hopefully we see them in the new iMac.

I don't think they would want to experience another 'last gen processor' backlash - and with the MBP the processors weren't even out yet!

It's all about timing, the chips being issue free, and if Intel can manufacture them in the quantities Apple requires.


Jul 12, 2016
New iMac was rumored to start production next month. Highly unlikely that we'll see anything other than Kabylake.

Agreed. I think KabyLake would be the first over any other future iterations, which knows how far those are out.


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Jun 20, 2009
Lincoln, UK
Intel are upping their game because of competition from AMD.

Apple should be upping their game because of competition from Microsoft. We will find out later this year how much they are.

iOS has competition from Android. iOS has an advantage because of developers that use Macs.

iOS needs macOS. macOS currently needs Intel. Stong competition across the board means this could be the first time for a few years we see Apple pushing itself. Customers gain if others are strong, even if they don't use the other products themselves.


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Oct 24, 2014
Intel have gotten fat and lazy like Apple. Intel not only needs better architecture but also better fab process. AMD is using Samsung/GloFo fab that's already shipping 10nm. My experience with Skylake and Kaby Lake have been lackluster and would rather see 10nm AMD Zen in the next products I buy.
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Jan 30, 2008
I know a lot about AMD (investor) and trust me, they are on the rise. Their new management is making sensible decisions, and they are doing things the right way, in order to provide real service and value to customers.

A few years back, I thought AMD were a joke... but now NVIDIA and AMD are blazing a trail.

Intel needs to step up.
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