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Nov 9, 2017

This morning my trackpad became unresponsive and a window appeared on my MacBook Air saying that the computer was searching for a Bluetooth trackpad device, which I have never used before. The trackpad is still functioning properly when I first reboot the computer and have to enter in my password, but upon log-in it ceases to work and my mouse is stuck in the corner of the screen.

I’ve attempted to solve the problem using two bits advice from other forums:

-restarting the computer while holding power-command-option-p-r

-while the the loading bar is on the screen, pressing caps lock

Neither of these have worked for me and I’m desperately in need of more advice. I’m currently studying abroad in Vietnam so going to get in-person advice isn’t a great option (I don’t speak great Vietnamese and don’t know how trustworthy the person advising me would be) and my computer is absolutely necessary for my research. Please help!


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Nov 14, 2017
I've had the same issue but with the keyboard. Sometimes it works after rebooting. PRAM reset and other resets were done. I wish I had an answer...would love to find out.
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