internal water damage but no external damage?

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    Aug 30, 2014
    Last night i plugged in my iphone 5s like always before bed, but when i woke up this morning i couldnt get it to power on, i tried everything. i finally when to the local apple store to get some help since it was still under warranty. everything checked out good at the first initial exam of the phone, no water damage indicators were red in any of the spots, so they took it back and opened it up to find water damage! tell me how its possible to have internal water damage with no signs of water damage on the outside of the phone? im not dumb i know they open the phones and i know water damage voids the warranty. the only water my phone gets close to is the bathroom counter while im in the shower. not to mention i always have it in an otter box. they turned me away with my phone still not useable. i have it soaking in rice now but im asking has anyone ever encountered an issue like this before and what should i do? i have half a mind to call apple and explain because this seems CRAZY theres no sign of damage on the outside, but it has to come from outside to get INSIDE!! please help!
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    It might be worth asking given that initial assessment of water damage wasn't found, so you can pretty much go ahead with the following:

    Did you ask how they know it was water damaged? At least that much you need to be informed. Otherwise, how else to prevent it in the future.
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    Is taking it to another Apple store an option?

    Also, I hope its just submerged in rice and not soaking in it. ;)
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    Water damage does no cause any external damage.
    It dries up and then you cant tell from the outside it got wet.
    Just the insides start corroding.
    Obviously it got wet, they were not making it up just to not help you right?
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    Just how steamed up does your bathroom get when you're showering? Extremely high humidity can cause condensation on other surfaces. Going forward, if you want the phone in the bathroom when showering, place it in a ziplock baggie first. You can even answer the phone without doing any water damage. I do this.
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    My coworker got his iphone wet and gave it to me to play with.
    The moisture sensors in the dock opening and the headphone jack had not been tripped but when I took off the back I found that all of the interior moisture sensors had been tripped.
    I thought that was pretty weird.
  7. Brian Y macrumors 68040

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    The moisture sensors will only get wet if water goes over that specific spot. There are lots of other ways for water to get in.

    The biggest sign of liquid damage is corrosion. People's phone's get wet, dry off, and eventually stop working possibly months later, after the internal boards have corroded.

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