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    Hey, I want to get started with investing, simply for the reason I do not want to work for my money but rather have it work for me. Granted I want to have a good job and all. My question is how do I get started in investing? I was reading on yahoo that within the past year apple shares went from the 30's to the 80's. That is awesome, now only if I could get a part of this action lol.

    What do you think about Nintendo's forcast? If the revolution takes off, then they may just monopolize the market eventually.

    Thanks for any advice, for I am really eager to learn

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    Nintendo won't ever achieve a commanding marketshare, the competition is simply better than they are via PS3 and Xbox 360 ...

    Don't invest in companies just because you love them ... its bad policy. Learn how to research a company and understand where its going and what to expect this will be much more profitable in the long term than just investing in your favorites. I think the most valuable lesson I ever learned about investing is that sometimes you lose. everyone will warn you of this ... and you get cocky, just keep your loses small enough so that its simply a learning fee.

    Plenty of people have made money on aapl stock around here and will disagree.
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