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Sep 14, 2010
iOS 10.3 Beta

Release Date: Monday, February 20th, 2017 [Presidents' Day]
Build Version: 14E5249d
Darwin Kernel Version: 16.5.0 Fri Feb 10 22:11:20 PST 2017

Previous thread: [ Beta 1 | Beta 2 ]

Please report bugs to Bug Reporter on the web (a developer account is not required to do this).

Modem Firmware
  • Intel iPhone 7/Plus - 1.03.20
  • QC iPhone 7/Plus - 1.57.01
  • iPhone 6s/Plus - 2.52.07
  • iPhone 6/Plus/SE - 5.49.01
  • iPhone 5S -
  • iPhone 5 -

Carrier Version

United States
  • AT&T - 27.5.11
  • T-Mobile - 27.5.11
  • Sprint - 27.5.10
  • Verizon iPhone - 27.5.8 (Verizon iPad 27.5.5)
  • EE - 27.5.4
  • Three - 27.5.3
  • BT - 27.5
  • o2 -
  • Vodafone - 27.5.3
  • Comviq - 27.5.1
  • Telstra - 27.5.2
  • Vodafone -
  • Optus -
  • When entering a passcode in the, the placeholder for numbers that have not been entered yet is now an empty circle, instead of a line
  • When a third party application invokes openURL: on a tel://, facetime://, or facetime-audio:// URL, iOS displays a prompt and requires user confirmation before dialing

Enhancements/New Features

Known Issues

New bugs to this beta
  • - hit the Edit button to select multiple email messages, the blue/gray shader color when you select each message is abruptly cut off next to the selection checkmark and doesn't cover the entire row like it should.
  • Occasionally, some apps may "respring" themselves. That is, screen goes black, app quits and restarts, then it returns to where you left off. Observed one occurrence on Facebook messenger. Unknown if it is related to memory issue
  • Searching in Settings does not work
  • If you keep VPN connection long enough, such as overnight, when you unlock your device, you may find VPN symbol missing, Connection may be lost but settings app still show "VPN Connected". This happens occasionally.

Recurring Bugs
  • Black screen when switching apps via the app switcher/multitasking view
  • Maps transit line icons still appear cosmetically broken on certain iPhone and iPad models.
  • If you try to restore back to iOS 10.2.1, you will get a message that says, "Please take your iPhone to a service center."
  • (HealthKit) battery drain still continuing. (Even after clean install.)
  • iPad Air 2's Orientation Lock bug is still present.

Bug Fixes
  • Notification Respring bug has been fixed (was already fixed in beta 2)
  • Apple Music - Like/Dislike songs bug has been fixed.
  • Black splash screen on opening app animations has been fixed
  • Delay after opening new Apple ID section has been fixed (can now get to sub menus without initial delay that was present in b1 and b2)
  • App battery usage has returned to the Battery pane. The app list had been empty for some users in b2
  • Resolved issue in Messages where it would crash if I attempted to send a photo from my camera roll or if I took an in-app photo and attempted to send it.

Release Notes


  • iOS_10.3_beta_3_Release_Notes.pdf
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Nov 20, 2016
Someone said the black splash screen is fixed in this beta... someone also said it was fixed in beta 2 but it wasn't. Can anyone else confirm?


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Sep 14, 2010
Folder animations feel faster but when you exit the app it is the opposite.


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May 23, 2016
Middle East
Update size on a 7 Plus.



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Sep 27, 2007
Feels quite fast and fluid (iPhone 6s). Closing apps feels slow, but some of them (like Settings) feel fast if you repeatedly open and close them.

6s modem firmware: 2.52.07


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Apr 8, 2016
the issue with iCloud-backup (see release notes above) is still not fixed. Got the exact same error message with b3
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