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Jan 27, 2015
New England
I've owned a few apple devices in the past. I used to have 2 iPhone 4S's a iOS 5 iPhone 4(test), and a iPad Air on 7.1.2. I gave up all of those and, still use my iPod Touch 4th gen. My Phone is a LG V10 because I wanted to try Android out and see how I liked it.

In my free time, I've been using a iPad Air 2 on the newest iOS version and, I'd have to compliment that, 2 major iOS updates later, it still is pretty agile. The IPad Air 1 felt less responsive with iOS 8 and 9 in my opinion but obviously not as bad as how hard the iPad 2 was affected by iOS 7 and later versions.

Of course there are the quirks you have to get used to like the Flat UI and press home to unlock and reveal the passcode screen but, overall, this is the first update since iOS 6 where I have sat down and appreciated what Apple has done with their new software (overall because of the performance tweaks).

You guys are probably wondering how do I compare Android and iOS? My opinion is that EACH IS UNIQUE IN THEIR OWN SPECIAL WAY!

When you think about it, Android is creative and, lets you express yourself with a cornucopia of features. However, getting software updates is a chaotic mess and, reliability is not as good as Apple due to having many options to choose from from brands, internal components, apps, skins, widgets etc.

On the other time, iOS is unique because its extremely stable, easy to understand due to a set format and has good software updates. The real only bad thing about it is personalize without jailbreaking. Want a new lockscreen? Tough you have to use the one Apple provides. Want to use the Steve Jobs era UI in iOS 10? Nope your stuck with what we provide. This trade-off is somewhat worth it because, by having a standardized UI, I feel iOS is more reliable because of having a set standard.

What do you guys think about iOS 10 and my comparison to Android?


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Oct 5, 2016
me also coming from android to iOS about 6 months ago, I found iOS to be not as stable or bug free as I had expected. Probably better than android still. Some things which apple control make me mad for example not allowed any torrent applications, and have to use their maps application to get good integration as opposed to google maps. Also siri is a piece of ****. I'll ask her to take me to an address and she will hear what I said fine but take take me to the wrong suburb. And the maps app, if I start typing in an address, the first suggestions will be in different countries (usually the US) which is stupid. First suggestion should be the closest one to where I am. End rant.
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