iOS 11.1 batter % dropping as i watch

Discussion in 'iOS 11' started by noslenam, Nov 2, 2017.

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    Jan 29, 2010
    So I’ve read the batter issues on many posts. What I just noticed while I decided to read a few more posts to see what others are experiencing is the battery percentage literally dropping as I watched it. I started at 42% and it caught my eye that it decreased and as I watched it for about 30 seconds it dropped to 36%
    Come on Apple what are you doing? I’ve been an Apple user for about 25 years and have had almost every iPhone since day one. Things seem to be bettering worse every year. How many times do I have to be told you should do a hard reset or have you tried reinstalling the iOS? We don’t spend $$$$ to have to worry about needing to spend extra time re installing software all the time. If I wanted to reinstall my software all the time I would go back to windows! Come on Apple!!

    Oh I’m now at 34% after writing the post. My phone came off the charger at 6:30 am iys now 11am with minimal use.
  2. hlfway2anywhere macrumors 65816

    Jul 15, 2006
    If you’ve already tried a hard reboot, i’d suggest doing a reset all settings before doing a full clean restore. It might not be that serious. Of course, I’m not sure if you were looking for help or just complaining. Let us know more information if you want some help. Like what phone, how long have you had it, did the issue just start after you updated to iOS 11.1, etc.
  3. Aston441 macrumors 65816

    Sep 16, 2014
    Same issue here on a 6s+

    I just came from the Apple Store. They ran the diagnostic and said my battery was fine (88%).

    I wanted to pay for battery replacement anyway and the genius flat out refused to do it. He said he would not replace the battery unless it failed the diagnostic. I AM MAD.
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    Jan 29, 2010
    Yes just complaining because unfortunately this happens way to often with updates. I know all the steps to try and yes I’ve even gone to the Apple store to let them do it with no luck. Same issue as above that Apple won’t replace a battery unless it fails. Well so you say it hasn’t failed than what the ??!? Is causing it and then fix it. Tired off always dealing with these issues. Yes I could stay on a stable iOS but many of the apps I need for work update and you need to update as well.

    Come on Apple fix it.

    It’s now 12:20 and my phone is at 15% with minimal use and maybe 5 phone calls.

    Apple come on
  5. CTHarrryH macrumors 68000

    Jul 4, 2012
    What apps are you running - are you doing updates in background? What does battery in setting show you in terms of usage and background usage.
  6. hlfway2anywhere macrumors 65816

    Jul 15, 2006
    This is not an Apple-monitored support line. If it's as bad as you say, there's something else going on and you need to escalate the issue to Apple. This is not how most people's updates went, so they should be able to do something for you at some level.
  7. Neebee macrumors 6502a

    iOS 11.x in my opinion has been the worst iOS version made for bugs.

    I agree the battery drain is very real, but in my experience, it's not as severe as the OP claims. Since iOS 3, I have never experienced much, if any noticeable battery issues after an update. This update is the exception.

    Apple support is in denial surprise here. They never acknowledged the battery issue in 11.0. They just did some updating to the iOS and many users jumping up and down in join saying there battery issues are fixed from the previous 11.1 to 11.3 when it's more like 5 steps forward, 3 steps back.

    In my experience thus far, his update won't give me the same battery life/performance as with 10.3.3. Granted, some folks might not notice any difference...this is normal. For the astute, they will see a difference.

    IOS 11.1 seems to mostly fix the random freezing of apps and swiping your screens. There is occasional lag, but not as bad as before. It adds new bugs like the issue with replacing the I and randomly nagging the user to enter their iCloud password repeatedly despite doing so many times.

    No doubt this is a huge update. And in the process things have fallen through the cracks. Apple's starting to show it's cracks too in my opinion. It's a shame that after all these years, they still lack transparency in terms of technical issues. It seems they subscribe to the mindset: if you don't acknowledge there's an issue, you won't have to address it...or do so behind closed doors leaving the end user frustrated and even mad.

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