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    Apple blocks App Store reviews in iOS 11 and quite a few negative reviews for apps that were run on iOS beta versions have been posted from non-beta devices.

    A reminder: no developer is obligated to update an app until the final fall release of iOS 11. Please do not leave bad reviews if the app’s performance is related to a pre-release version of iOS.

    Also, do not use a secondary device to post a negative app review if an app does not work on your pre-release device. This is why app reviews are blocked in the first place.

    If you are unsure of whether an app works in iOS 11 beta, we have a thread posted here. Leave comments about your experiences.

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    For developers-

    How difficult is it to update 32 bit apps to 64 bit? No new features, just get it to work on iOS 11 with the same functionality?
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    They arent even on the beta then or using a 2nd device to leave the review. You cannot do so on iOS11 devices it wont let you probably just for this purpose.
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    Let me update the first post.
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    Wow they are savage. :eek:
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    it's tough work but if you do a bit every day then it takes just over a month.

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