iPad iOS 11 on iPad 4, how?

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    Jun 7, 2019
    Hi guys,

    Is it possible (and if so, how?) to put iOS 11 on an iPad 4?

    I want to be able to use apps like Google Chrome/Drive/Docs/Sheets, Netflix et cetera on my iPad 4. All those apps need iOS 11, but by Apple update I can only get the firmwhere to iOS 10.3.3. I've already googled a lot but can't find a proper tutorial on how to do this. I read something about TinyUmbrella, but I can't get that program to work and also am not sure if it's possible to get it up to iOS 11. Also I did a succesful jailbreak using H3lix, but I don't know what to do after the jailbreak to get it up to iOS 11.

    So could you guys point me in the right direction? Is this even possible? I am aware that iOS 11 might make the iPad run a bit slower; I'm taking that for granted :).
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    Not possible at all. iOS 11 requires a 64 bit processor which the iPad 4 does not have.

    Depending on what/if you can spend your best bet may be to get a cheap used iPad Air, or newer as your budget allows. Or, do you have another iOS device (iPhone maybe?) that supports a newer version of iOS - there is a bit of a workaround that would allow you to download the last version of those apps that supported iOS 10 to your iPad.

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