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ios 11

  1. L

    Updating from iOS 11. Should I?

    Hello everyone! Please, I need your advice! What should I do? In short, I have iPhone 8 Plus, 64gb, for a long time now, and it still runs iOS 11.0 (!.. yes, I know. It is what it is) from the box. Should I upgrade it still? I love this phone and am not planning to get a new one for now or in...
  2. P

    iPad iOS 11 on iPad 4, how?

    Hi guys, Is it possible (and if so, how?) to put iOS 11 on an iPad 4? I want to be able to use apps like Google Chrome/Drive/Docs/Sheets, Netflix et cetera on my iPad 4. All those apps need iOS 11, but by Apple update I can only get the firmwhere to iOS 10.3.3. I've already googled a lot but...
  3. MacUse-R

    Upgrade from iOS 10.1 to iOS 11.4/12.0

    I know this question has been asked a few times, but could not find any questions that asks about my current iOS version. So i currently have a Yalu102 jailbroken iphone 6 Plus on iOS 10.1 and want to upgrade to iOS 11.4 or maybe to iOS 12.0, i have blobs for these versions (have blobs for ios...
  4. melissapete24

    Can't Choose Episode on TV App

    So, I have had this problem for a while, now, since iOS 11 first came out. I only have TV shows that I have ripped from DVDs; I have bought literally 4 TV episodes from iTunes, period. I have ripped all my DVDs the EXACT same way, using the EXACT same programs (makeMKV and an app called mp4...
  5. J

    iPhone Who else is having this annoying bug in App Store ?

    I'm having this issue once I got a new update for the apps that I have installed on my iPhone. It happen suddenly and not all the times. I can't find the reason and the root cause for this issue! I have it since iOS 11 I think and I've tried to contact Apple several times but they are not...
  6. T

    What is the best way to back up old voicemails?

    I have a few old voicemails on my iPhone that i want to back-up that are very important and was wondering the best way to back them up? I had backed up some before somehow but i'm not sure which program i used (i think iExplorer).
  7. B

    iPhone Do not Disturb While Driving not working like it should…

    I have an iPhone 5 (iOS 11.4.1) and when I try to activate DNDWD it should have 3 options: Bluetooth Automatic Manually But here, it only shows Bluetooth and Manually, but not Automatic. I searched everywhere but I can’t find the way to solve this. I would be very relieved if you could help...
  8. C

    iOS 11 upgrade wipes out iCloud

    This is a cautionary tale. iCloud is not reliable storage. You must backup all your photos and documents to your own machine. Do not rely on iCloud. When my iPhone upgraded to iOS 11.4 three years of photos and all my documents vanished, on the phone and on iCloud. I spent an hour with tech...
  9. X

    iPhone 6(S)/Plus iPhone 6s blank screen after 11.4 update?

    Shortly after the 11.4 update my screen went blank. I could still touch buttons, dial numbers and stop my alarm with no visual. After some troubleshooting and trying to hard reset with it no luck, I thought it was my screen/digitizer so I replaced it, but I am still having the same problem...
  10. T

    Is the battery life worse than iOS 11 in iOS 12 beta 3 or or is it about the same?

    I have been running the beta version of iOS 12 (beta 3 i believe) for awhile now and i am about to go on a big trip where i am going to use my iPhone A LOT for navigating through New York City and was wondering if you think the battery life is a lot worse in the iOS 12 BETA or if it is about the...
  11. S

    Facebook crashes. Won't stay open.

    I'm sure there's a 100 threads on this already, but here's a brand new one: I've tried everything. Reinstalled, rebooted, even a deep restore of my whole phone. I have an iPhoneX in otherwise perfect working order. Latest versions of app and ios. But facebook will not stay open more than a few...
  12. M

    iPhone HELP! Boot loop on Apple Logo Screen in iPhone 7 Plus

    Hey everyone! I own a iPhone 7 Plus running iOS 11.2.3. Unfortunately, the person who gave me this iPhone, has forgotten iCloud password, so I am not able to restore the iPhone to solve my problem. Yesterday, I jailbroke my device with Electra by Coolstar ( After...
  13. L

    Update ipad air 2 to ios 11?

    As the title says, should I update my iPad air 2 from ios 10.3.3 to ios 11.4? I'm always really sceptical about updating an older device to a newer firmware as i'm afraid the performance could be worse. Thanks in advance!
  14. rproch

    iPhone X Search language different than system language

    I am using iPhone X with iOS 11.3.1. The system was set up initially with Polish language as interface language. I've changed that to English and all the options in Settings are displayed in English. However, I need to use Polish to search in Settings. For example if I search for 'Camera' I get...
  15. FourtyDeuce

    Unforget Bluetooth Device Help

    About three weeks whenever my iPhone 8 (iOS 11.3) connected via bluetooth to my car it would say "phone book update failed" over the car speaker. After unsuccessful attempts to fix this, I chose to forget this device with the intent of repairing the phone to the car. Now, the phone will not see...
  16. I

    How Does Wifi Calling Work

    Hi. Am i correct to say that Wifi calling will work on the phone when it feels one of the 2 signals is better than the other essentially use whichever of the 2 signals is stronger so for example if my cellular connection is quite strong but at the time my wifi isnt will it use cellular signal to...
  17. S

    Can’t go full screen while watching YouTube in safari

    If there’s a YouTube video embedded in a website and I try to touch on full screen it says “your browser doesn’t support full screen.” Has anyone else come across this? I’ve got an iPad Air 2 running iOS 11.3.1.
  18. B

    iPhone Issues with videos in messages app - Pls help

    Hi, I have been having issues with the messages app for awhile and looking for help/answers. So my family and I have a group message where we send funny videos/photos of our cat. Every time one of them sends me a video the video is grainy/blurry/hard to see and really small however their phones...
  19. C

    Photos App Battery Drain on iPhone 6, 6s, 5th Gen Ipad

    In the last week both me and my wife's iPhone 6s and iPhone 6 started running out of batteries only hours after unplugging, even without much or any use (both batteries were replaced by apple within the last month). The standby and usage times since last charge are the same regardless of how...
  20. Evox75

    iPhone X with 11.1.2

    Phone gets very hot and battery drains very fast. Not sure if it’s due to the jailbreak but it didn’t seem to do it before. I’ve noticed my money % available goes to 3-4% during this overheat condition. Is there a way to in real time specially what is using so much memory? I’m hoping I...