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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by janeauburn, Dec 17, 2018.

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    Holy cow! This new iOS 12.1.1 has breathed new life into my old 6 Plus, my main (daily) phone. I can't believe it. I refused to listen to all of the reports about good performance of the new OS on old phones, but now I'm a believer. Thank you, Apple! I can use this wonderful phone for at least another year, hopefully two. What value. I love the phone: better phone call quality than any later phone I've tried, headphone jack, light, thin (compared to all the "better" phones), home button feels great (and it has a home button), screen is still one of the best I've seen (including the OLED phones).

    My phone: 6 Plus, had the battery replaced for $29 last year at Apple store. It has ~ 50 cycles on it. Had been running iOS 9 because I was a firm believer (through experience) that iOS upgrades are a form of planned obsolescence.

    Have had most of the battery-draining background junk turned off for years now.

    Great Christmas present from Apple.
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    The question is, as you said, you refused to believe the reports that said that the latest version of iOS works really well on older devices, what made you change your mind and update the version then?
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    Good question. For whatever reason, the situation w/ that phone on iOS 9.x had become intolerable. Search was no longer working. Things were sluggish. It was either see whether the reports of iOS 12 improvements were valid (for me) or ditch the phone. For me, things worked out well!

    Because I had waited so long to upgrade, I did have to attach my phone to my computer to perform the upgrade through iTunes.
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    How's battery life? As far as I know, the main issue with iOS 12 - contrary to every other iOS version, which was broken in both counts (performance and battery life) - was the battery life. Performance was widely regarded to be top-notch.
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