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iphone 6

  1. F

    iPhone 6(S)(+) So my iPhone 6 died today

    My Iphone 6 died today after 6 years of being a great phone without any problems whatsoever. Dropped it so many times, screen never broke. Charged it every night, Battery still held a charge for a full day when used accordingly. Home button broke a few months ago, but using assistive touch was...
  2. KingCornWallis

    iPhone 6: No Speaker Audio, Earpiece Audio, or Proximity Sensor

    I have an iPhone 6 A1549 running iOS 12.5.5 (latest). It was given to me and said to have GPS issues, although at the time that we tested we could not reproduce. I shelved it to use for parts, and used the screen at some point. I have since put a screen back on. Problem Details Proximity...
  3. janeauburn

    Other The old phone appreciation thread

    Still using and enjoying my 8 Plus. Estimated savings over purchasing an equivalent new iPhone every year: $6000 (including cases, accessories, etc.) Have a friend who is still using a flip phone. Every year he looks at the new iPhones but invests the money he would have spent on a new phone...
  4. C

    iPhone 6(S)(+) Apps stopped supporting iOS 12 / iPhone 6

    Since release of iPhone 13* and iOS 15, more and more apps stopped supporting / upgrading iOS 12 or older. I have iPhone 6 and have been forced to delete apps or use browser (or upgrade the phone!). Apps provide better experience as browser always lag behind in performance. I hoped Apple would...
  5. L

    iPhone 6s Front Camera Replacement

    Does anyone know what kind of cable and/or connector is used for a front camera of an iPhone 6s? Also, would there be a way to plug in a webcam to that connector? I'm looking to replace my front camera as it's broken, but curious if I can replace it with a front camera that is not OEM.
  6. K

    iPhone 6(S)(+) is this iPhone any good

    idk where else to ask this? i currently use an old windows phone lumia 820 but it needs to be replaced. the only phone i can afford from the at&t go phone prepaid system is an iphone 6s anyone have experience with this phone? asking because i hear a lot of people say the 6s was a ***** phone and...
  7. ppenn

    Updating iPhone 6 to iOS 12?

    I have an iPhone 6 running on 11.4.1 and I wondering if anyone here is also still using on iPhone 6 but on the latest iOS 12 it's spec'd to handle. I'm not really having any issue with the phone but it is a bit sluggish at times at certain apps have been killing the battery (which claims to be...
  8. I

    watchOS 6 and iPhone 6 Incompatible?

    So I have an iPhone XS with Watch Series 3. I've updated to iOS 13 and WatchOS 6 respectively. Now, I usually pass on my old tech to my parents. My mother is using my iPhone 6 on iOS 12. Does this mean my Watch Series 3 can no longer connect to the iPhone 6? If so can I roll back the WatchOS...
  9. S

    iPad iOS/iPadOS 13 reminder upgrade question.

    Hello everyone, I’ve been trying out the beta version for iOS/iPadOS 13, and I had a question with the new reminders app. When you start it up for the first time it ask if you want to upgrade to the new reminders format, if you upgrade to the new format are you able to downgrade? Since at...
  10. W

    iPhone 6 Screenshot issue

    How can i took the screenshot on my iphone 6 (64GB Gold). My iphone main button is not working anymore not even thumb impression. Before that i used to press the volume down button and the home button at the same time to took a screenshot but now home button is not working. Is there any other...
  11. Shirleyi

    internet hangs

    Why does it take so long to connect to a website?
  12. moobat

    iPhone iOS 13 - no iPhone 6 support, but iPad OS supports iPad Mini 4 when they have the same processor...

    I’m sure this is due to the fact that Apple have only just stopped selling the iPad Mini 4 this year, and it would be pretty bad for them to suddenly stop supporting it with software upgrades. But the iPhone 6 has the same A8 processor. And yet it won’t get an iOS 13 upgrade. I’m guessing...
  13. M

    Horizontal lines on iPhone 6 screen

    Horizontal lines have appeared on my wife’s iPhone 6 screen (looks like a bad resolution video game from the 90s). Soft reset / hard reset does not fix the issue. Has anyone else experienced this? Any ideas how to fix it?
  14. Alemoho

    Does Regional Lock exist on iPhone?

    Hello Guys! I bought an iPhone 6S in Oman, apparently SIM free, although I used it in several countries with different carriers easily, now I facing problems with Japanese a carrier. I've been doing some research and it appears that has to do with something call REGIONAL LOCK, cause the phone...
  15. S

    Original Plastic Screen Protectors

    Yo, I’m looking to find an eBay link or something where I can buy those original screen and back protectors that come on iPhones. Looking to further legitamise my collection lol Thanks
  16. cweese

    iPhone Settings for Music Optimized Storage

    At some point in the past year (maybe when iOS 12 was installed?), a thing popped up on my iPhone asking me if I want to use optimized storage for music. It sounded good so I hit yes (big mistake). Now I’m having the problem where my iPhone 6 randomly removes downloads of songs I’ve purchased...
  17. bill-DFW

    iPhone 8(+) Iphone 6 to 8 or XR ?

    Hello I currently have the IPhone 6. My primary uses are WhatsApp, basic email, google maps, Waze, occasional facetime, etc stuff. Iphone 6 is company provided, I am retiring soon and will turn this unit in. I have to buy a new phone altogether soon. With that said, I am having a hard time...
  18. janeauburn

    iPhone 6(S)(+) iOS 12 on iPhone 6 Plus

    Holy cow! This new iOS 12.1.1 has breathed new life into my old 6 Plus, my main (daily) phone. I can't believe it. I refused to listen to all of the reports about good performance of the new OS on old phones, but now I'm a believer. Thank you, Apple! I can use this wonderful phone for at least...
  19. E

    iPhone 6(S)(+) Sound stuck in headphone mode?

    So today, me being me, I dropped my phone in a fairly large puddle today. And again, me being me, I thought nothing of it. So when I went to play music through my phone (without the headphones) it says that it is still stuck in headphone mode? Once I actually put the headphones in, the music...
  20. iPhoneAndTechReviews

    iPhone 5 or earlier Should one upgrade to the iPhone 5S in 2018?

    Is it recommended to upgrade to the iPhone 5S or the iPhone 6 in 2018? One of my younger cousin's (David) who is 23 (12 years younger than me) and uses the iPhone XS's younger cousin (Alina ) who is about 14, has just switched from an undefined Android phone to an iPhone 5S (not SE). Some of the...