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Sep 29, 2018
I received my ipad pro as a gift 14 months ago. It has worked fine since I received it, until ios 12 was pushed to it. The device was unable to upgrade nor recover to the new version. It kept failing with error(9) code. This code references a problem with the Itunes version, the USB connection, a security issue, or a hardware issue.

I tried the upgrade and then the recovery more than 8 times each at home. I finally took it into an Apple store, which had the same result. Apple told me finally that the device must have a hardware issue. But, since it was 2 months past warranty, they wouldn’t offer me anything more than a $300 discount on a new device. So, $500 rather than $800. I asked why I would do that if the new machine might have the same issue. They were not interested in helping me any further. And said I should have bought the 2-year extended warranty. They were not concerned with looking for other ways to find a satisfactory solution.

So, I went back home and began trying different stuff, rerunning the upgrade, then recovery, over and over, trying different USB plugs, nothing worked. Then I started fooling with the home button, the up and down volume buttons and the on/off button while the ios 12 upgrade/recovery process was running.

Finally I noticed that when I hit the on/off switch during the upgrade process that the progress bar on the apple screen had a small lit section for the first time, and the process ended with error(47) instead of error(9). The next time I ran the process, when the process indicated it was ‘verifying upgrade with ipad’, I started rapidly pressing and releasing the on/off switch.... and voila! The progress bar on the apple screen began working, and finally the process proceeded through all the steps to successful completion - hooray!!

Take that Apple, I fixed the issue and did NOT have to pay for a new device. I wonder how many people have been struggling with this issue and agreed to buy a new device from Apple?!


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Apr 13, 2010
I am getting the EXACT same issue as you with iPad Pro 2017. Usually error code 35. Took to Apple store and they replicated the same problem... getting stuck during recovery.

I am 3 months out of warranty. Repair would be $450. I said no way. They talked to manager who offered $250 repair.

I will try you method and report back. Anyone else have any ideas?
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