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Apr 12, 2001

Look Around, a new iOS 13 Maps feature that's designed to provide a street level view of what's around you similar to Google's Street View is now available in Los Angeles and New York City.

At launch and during the iOS 13 beta testing period, Look Around in Maps was limited to the Bay Area of California, Las Vegas, and parts of Hawaii, but Apple is working to expand it to additional locations.


Look Around can be used across New York City, from Manhattan and the Bronx to Brooklyn and Queens, and it is also available in Los Angeles from Burbank to Long Beach to Pomona. It's not yet available in Anaheim, Riverside, and other cities further south.

Look Around can be used in the main Apple Maps view whenever there's a pair of binoculars visible. Tapping the binoculars icon launches into a close-up street level view of your location in a little card, which can be tapped again to get a full screen view of Look Around.

Look Around can also be brought up when searching for specific supported locations by tapping on the Look Around card in the search results.

When you're in Look Around mode, tapping on the display lets you move through the area, while tapping in a far off spot in the distance zooms in quickly in a little zoom maneuver that's fun to watch.


In Look Around mode, notable points of interest like restaurants, businesses, parks, and more are highlighted, but the view is limited to what can be captured from the street since it uses data captured from Apple's mapping vehicles.

Look Around will be expanding to additional locations in 2019 and 2020, and Apple is also still in the process of rolling out its updated maps. Just this morning, the updated maps feature came to New York City right ahead of Look Around.

For those interested in where the new Maps are available and where Look Around is rolling out, the MacRumors forums has a long thread where members share information when new maps features come to additional areas.

(Thanks, Alan and our other MacRumors forum members!)

Article Link: iOS 13 'Look Around' Maps Feature Expands to Los Angeles and New York City


Oct 10, 2012
Salt lake City, Utah
Has Apple Maps ever improved that slow speed of navigation? I remember the delay of passing the street when it told me to turn right. Love Waze and Google maps how accurate they are 99.1% of the time.


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Mar 27, 2011
The first street I looked at in New York wasn’t even covered. Must be pretty spotty. Disappointing, though it does look great for the streets they did drive down.


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Jun 19, 2009
Aww hell yes, time to try and find me walking around

Post edit:
Dang they really pixelated faces, you can't even GUESS if it's someone you know.

Seems like that would be done intentionally in the interest of privacy. Even Google blurs faces and some signs in Street View. If you have your wardrobe memorized, that could be another way to identify yourself. ;)


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Jul 27, 2013
I just want to know if updated Apple Maps will really be coming to the entire US by the end of the year. It just doesn’t seem likely. Hasn’t it only been released in a total of like 5 areas?


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Nov 11, 2005
I just want to know if updated Apple Maps will really be coming to the entire US by the end of the year. It just doesn’t seem likely. Hasn’t it only been released in a total of like 5 areas?

yea, but they dropped n.y.c. and l.a. like a week after 13 came out. clearly they had them complete, or almost complete. so who's to say they don't have 85% of work done already?


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Jun 20, 2009
Lincoln, UK
With all those iPhones taking pictures that have the location recorded, the images could be used to build up a look around the world relatively quickly (with permission from each user, perhaps even have an Apple app for contributing). The current rate will only ever cover a minority of the world, and will never be up-to-date.


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Nov 14, 2011
Man where Apple has this it’s so much nicer than Google street view. Picture quality is amazing. Problem is it’s in so few places whereas Google street view is everywhere.


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Nov 30, 2004
Toronto, ON
Yup. It’s very impressive, but it’s going to take decades to catch up with street view at the current rate.

Apple announced that the entire United States will have Look Around by the end of this year. And Look Around is arguably far better than Street View. If anything, Google has some catching up to do.

While internationally, Apple has yet to release Look Around, from the sightings of Apple Maps cars over the past couple of years, Apple has been mapping the world for a while and is probably going to expand pretty quickly once they start putting that data into Maps.


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Mar 16, 2019
Hillsboro, OR
I thought this was only able to show your current location, and was like "why don't people just look around?"

Is there an AR mode so you can see POIs?
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