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Apr 12, 2001

Users report that their iPhone periodically and sometimes randomly disconnects from Wi-Fi after updating to iOS 16.1, according to reports across Reddit, Twitter (1,2,3,4), and the Apple Support community forums.


Based on what users are sharing, they say their iPhones are periodically and sometimes randomly disconnecting throughout their day, despite no changes in their environment. Other users say their iPhones will sometimes disconnect from Wi-Fi when they're left stationary on standby, such as overnight. Some users have attempted resetting all network settings on their iPhones, but the reset appears ineffective.

iOS 16.1 was released last week and is the first major update to the iOS 16 operating system since its release in September. iOS 16.1 brings multiple new features to iPhone users, including Live Activities.

Apple this week began beta testing iOS 16.2, the next major update to the operating system expected to be released later in November. It's unclear if Apple plans to release an interim update to potentially address the Wi-Fi bug and other issues being experienced by users.

Article Link: iOS 16.1 Causing Random Wi-Fi Disconnects for Some iPhone Users


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Jun 9, 2021
This has actually been happening to my iPad lately but that was before 16.1. Hasn't done it since that I've noticed.

Also probably off-topic but since 16.1 my cellular reception has been so much better. I don't know if it just coincided with Verizon upgrading local towers or 16 was just especially bad.


Feb 18, 2009
New Yawk
I bet that earnings call will be stellar though! /s

I was legit planning to to update the iOS devices in the household to 16.1 this weekend (we're still on 15.7). Based on this issue alone The Wife has issued an executive order forbidding said update. Seems like every dang release is a public beta in disguise. Sheesh.
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