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Apr 12, 2001

Apple today released iOS 17.2, a major update that adds the new Journal app, a Translate option for the iPhone 15 Pro Action Button, a Favorites playlist for Apple Music, and much more.

In this guide, we've rounded up all of the new features in the iOS 17.2 update.

Journal App

iOS 17.2 introduces the Journal app that Apple announced as part of iOS 17. With the Journal app, users can record their daily activities and thoughts, with Apple providing optional prompts that can be used as inspiration.


Journal entries can be added by tapping on the "+" button in the Journal app, and from there, users can choose a suggestion as the basis for their writing or just opt for "New Entry" to write anything at all.

Entries are automatically tagged with a date for organizational purposes, but there are options for bookmarking, too. Journal entries can include images, voice recordings, and location tags.
Messages App Sticker Reactions

You can long press on any chat bubble in the Messages app to add a sticker response that serves as an alternative to a tapback reaction. Tapping on "Add Sticker" lets you choose either a sticker or an emoji to apply to the corner of an iMessage.


There was already an option to drag a sticker or an emoji onto any message bubble, but this is a much quicker method of quickly responding to an incoming message with a quick graphic that is more expressive than a tapback reaction.

Spatial Video Recording

With iOS 17.2, the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max are able to record spatial video that will be viewable in the Photos app on the Vision Pro headset that's coming out next year.


Spatial video recording can be enabled by going to the Settings app, tapping into the Camera section, selecting Formats, and toggling on "Spatial Video for Apple Vision Pro." Apple says that for best results when recording spatial video, the iPhone should be held stable in landscape orientation while capturing video. Video is recorded at 30 frames per second at 1080p, and one minute of video takes up 130MB of storage space.

When spatial videos captured with an iPhone are viewed on the iPhone, they appear as normal videos. Viewing the video in 3D requires the Vision Pro headset.
Improved Telephoto Focusing Speed

On the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max, the Telephoto camera now focuses faster when capturing small, faraway objects.

Favorites Apple Music Playlist

Songs that you have favorited in the Apple Music app are now automatically aggregated into a Favorites playlist.


Apple Music Favorite Songs

In the Music section of the Settings app, there is an option to add songs to your Music Library when they are favorited. The feature is toggled on by default, but it can be turned off if desired.


The option to "Favorite" songs was first added in iOS 17.1.

Apple Music Listening History Focus Filter

Apple added a Focus Filter for the Apple Music Listening History feature, so if you want to let someone else use your device to listen to music, you can activate this to turn off the Listening History so their song choices won't affect your recommendations.


Action Button Translate

iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max users can now choose a new Translate option for the Action button.


When the Action button is set as Translate, pressing to hold causes the iPhone to pop up a Translate window that listens for spoken text. It is able to translate from one set language to another, using the languages that you have previously set up in the Translate app.


Apple added an option to disable inline predictions when typing. It can be accessed by opening up the Settings app, choosing General, going to Keyboard, and scrolling down to the "Show Predictions Inline" option.


There are also new keyboard layouts for eight Sámi languages.

iMessage Contact Key Verification

First previewed in December 2022, iMessage Contact Key Verification is a feature designed for those who face "extraordinary digital threats," such as journalists, human rights activists, and government officials.


Users can ensure that there is no "man in the middle" snooping on iMessage conversations, and there is an option to display a Contact Verification Code so that iMessage users can verify that they're speaking to the correct individual during in-person meetings or on FaceTime calls.

Messages in iCloud Syncing

The "Messages" section in iCloud in the Settings app has been renamed to "Messages in iCloud." It shows the total amount of storage that messages are ta... Click here to read rest of article

Article Link: iOS 17.2 Features: What's New in iOS 17.2
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Sep 27, 2005
The annoying (to me) bug that was not fixed what where you want to call someone from within Messages. Tap their circle in the top center, and the next screen that comes up for them has the CALL button greyed out despite their contact record having a mobile number. Or similarly, the CALL button is enabled but by default does a Facetime call instead of a normal call. Annoying to say the least because that's how I quickly call someone who has messaged me.

There's always hope for 17.3 I guess.
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Oct 8, 2020
I find that Journal entry is not updating fast enough. I just finished a run in which I was listening to a podcast that gave me much to think shot and I wanted to respond to it. I’m done with my run and 10 minutes later I still don’t see my run plus podcast being as a possible activity to respond to :(

Are journal suggested entries that slow to be discovered?


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Dec 11, 2023
“Expanded sensitive content warning”…

Can we just have the ability to tag contacts for this, I have a good friend who kills it with the memes but some are just NSFW LOL. That way every message from them with content can be censored :)


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Dec 25, 2013
Apple Music Favorite Songs playlist is for sure not there.

Edit, oh now they got it added.


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Mar 19, 2008
The Netherlands
Oh god why is the favourite songs playlist artwork so ugly? It looks like it was made in about 5 minutes by an intern using some clip art. It reaaaaaally looks cheap. It kind of drains any excitement for your 'favourite songs' instantly.

It's also surprising because normally the playlist artwork on Apple Music is great


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Nov 14, 2016
Spatial video recording can be enabled by going to the Settings app, tapping into the Camera section, selecting Formats, and toggling on "Spatial Video for Apple Vision Pro."
AND you also need to select the Ski mask icon in Video. It won't automatically start Spatial recording.
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Jun 9, 2021
Some good stuff, some baffling. Why do we need a clock widget at all, when we can't remove the time from the lock screen, and it's permanently in the upper corner? Let me remove the time from the lock screen.

Also crazy it's a focus mode to stop Music recommendations and not just a simple prominent toggle.


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Jul 12, 2015
Utah, USA
I'm interested in the Qi2 support for iPhone 13 and 14 - what does that entail or mean? And what does the iPhone 12 have physically different so that it does not have Qi2?
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