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Apr 12, 2001

iOS 18 includes a small but interesting change for the buttons on the iPhone, adding more of a visual element when changing volume, activating the Action button, or locking the screen. When you press an iPhone button in iOS 18, the display bezel bulges outward slightly.


This feature is available for the volume buttons, Action button and the power button, and it will also likely be used for the Capture button that's rumored for the iPhone 16 models. With the iPhone 16, Apple is adding a dedicated button to make it easier to film and take photos in landscape orientation.

The button will be on the bottom right side of the iPhone, a good distance below the power button. Rumors suggest that the Capture button could be capacitive and flush with the side of the iPhone 16, so having the display pop out a bit when it's used would provide a useful visual indicator.

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Article Link: iOS 18 Adds Pop-Out Bezel Animation When Pressing iPhone Buttons


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Jun 27, 2007
Love these sort of fun little animations that make it feel more immersive and alive. People forget the days before smooth scrolling with rubber banding was unveiled by Apple, which was looked at as superfluous by some, but with met with amazement by most. It's the little details, in aggregate, that make Apple products what they are. It's the Gestalt, the perception that the iPhone is greater than the sum of it's parts.

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Jul 17, 2002
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aaaand... it's not centered 😂

"attention" to details

The bulge happens at the place along the volume bar which the volume is changed towards. So yes, this is attention to detail, no quotation marks required.

Also, this is exactly the sort of feature that Apple excels at, to „surprise and delight“ with these seemingly small flourishes that add up to a UI that is delightful to use. At the same time, these things are a really good way to separate the wheat from the chaff wrt to people „getting“ Apple - or not.
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