iOS 5 Contains References to Two Next-Generation iPad Models

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    TUAW reports that references to two new iPad models have been discovered in the just-released iOS 5 beta: "iPad3,1" and "iPad3,2". Given that there are currently three iPad 2 models internally identified as "iPad2,1" (Wi-Fi), "iPad2,2" (GSM), and "iPad2,3" (CDMA), the appearance of only two models in iOS 5 lends credence to rumors that the next-generation cellular-capable iPad may come as a world-mode device able to run on either CDMA or GSM networks.

    The report does note, however, that these indications of new models do not always lead to new product releases, as a previously-discovered "iPhone3,2" has yet to see the light of day following the release of the GSM (iPhone3,1) and CDMA (iPhone3,3) iPhone 4 models. The missing model may have been destined for a carrier running on a different standard such as T-Mobile's slightly-different GSM 3G network, but a deal with such a carrier may simply have fallen through.

    Today's report also cites the presence of "iPhone4,1" and "iPhone4,2" references pointing to the next-generation iPhone. These references are not new, however, as they appeared in iOS 4.3 betas as far back as early January.

    Interestingly, iOS 5 currently makes no reference to any unreleased iPod touch models, maxing out at the current "iPod4,1" fourth-generation iPod touch. This of course does not mean that no new iPod touch is in the works, but it is curious that device identifiers for models presumably set for introduction in just a few months are not included.

    Article Link: iOS 5 Contains References to Two Next-Generation iPad Models
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    In America
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    Getting close to finally upgrading my 3GS.
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    Forget iPhones and their stupidly high monthly fees. Bring on the 5th generation iPod touch!
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    doesnt mean they will be releasing them next week...

    Might not be a new model this year...Or it might be late.
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    #7 mention of iPod Touch eh? Quite curious indeed.
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  9. ThunderSkunk, Jun 7, 2011
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    As far as I know, based on only a couple friends that work there who are unsurprisingly tight-lipped about it & what I've read here, there are two teams in the design group each working independently on the next versions of the hardware. Meaning, if the iPad 2 is out, then one team is working on the 3, and the team that worked on the 2 is beginning on the 4.

    Similarly, the team working on the iPhone 5 will begin working on the 7 once the 5 wraps, while the 6 makes its way into testing.

    I thought this was fairly common knowledge.
  10. na1577 macrumors 6502a

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    Since the fifth iPhone has been pushed to September, the next iPod touch has likely been pushed back further. The firmware probably doesn't reference it because it's still far away.
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    I'm skeptical that they'd push too far back. Christmas is probably the peak season for the iPod Touch; indeed, iPods in general. But that's logic talking, and logic != business.
  12. juicedropsdeuce macrumors 6502

    Jun 23, 2010
    I've heard a few rumors stating the next iPhone will replace the Touch, and they will EOL the Touch this fall.
  13. James Enright macrumors newbie

    Jun 6, 2011
    I agree, its unlikely that apple would push back the ipod touch and the iphone 5. Since we've been hearing rumors that the iphone 5 will be a speed upgrade just like the iphone 3Gs was for the iPhone 3G I think that all there going to change about the ipod touch is a similar speed bump. That would mean that there would be a lot less work involved as there would be no form factor change. It would also be unlike apple to miss the holiday season. Last year there was a new :apple:TV and all the ipods were spruced up for christmas time, there was also the macbook air.
  14. James Enright macrumors newbie

    Jun 6, 2011
    There going to stay as rumors. The iphone couldn't replace the touch, lots of the children I know got ipod touches for christmas. An iphone would be a little over the top for a 7 year old.
  15. theelysium Suspended


    Nov 18, 2008

    I think they read too much into those model number things. They are just for testing purposes. How do we know the ipad ones aren't for the current iPads?

    It seems like a bunch of hot air to blab about.
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    If the rumors are to be believed, it would be similar to the iPad's situation - an iPhone 3G+WiFi and iPhone WiFi if you will.
  17. theelysium Suspended


    Nov 18, 2008
    I think it will be a small upgrade. iPhone4S.

    It's in their $$$ interest to go with the smaller upgrade.
  18. James Enright macrumors newbie

    Jun 6, 2011
    Then the iPhone WiFi would just be an iPod touch with a different name and form factor. It could be a possibility, but it would just make for a thicker iPod touch.
  19. ivladster macrumors 6502


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    drop the classic

    What if Apple drops iPod Classic and calls iPod touch just an iPod. This might finally make a family. iPod, iPod nano and iPod shuffle. But, they would also have to bump up the storage to 256GBs while making iPhone 64GBs.
  20. cav23j macrumors regular

    Oct 11, 2008
    that wouldn't make sense
    the carriers would never go for that
    they want to charge data plans for all smartphones so the iPhone WiFi would be extremely high-priced to make up for no data plans
  21. drummerdude1390 macrumors member

    Apr 22, 2011
    no its not....they want to give people a reason to upgrade to iphone5
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    Pretty much. It's all about the hype. Apple knows blogs like this report on just about any potential new product string in some plist somewhere. They're controlled leaks.

    Anyone who thinks these strings are for public "testing" purposes is seriously fooling themselves. Why even build for the public at all? It'd be all to easy to generate separate builds without those strings inside if they wanted to keep things tight lipped but the hype is much better so they do it.
  23. manu chao macrumors 603

    Jul 30, 2003
  24. gwest macrumors member

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    No New Pod Touch?

    Interesting about no mention of the iPod Touch. By this time each year Apple has started their Educational Incentive offering college students a free iPod Touch when they by a Mac. That hasn't happened and it's pretty late. I wonder if no revision is in the works, meaning no reason to dump inventory.
  25. Spock macrumors 68000


    Jan 6, 2002
    Im not so sure, I know a 9 year old with an iPhone 3GS. It would make sense to get rid of the iPod Touch if Apple could lower the price of the iPhone. The iPod Touch is pretty much a skinny iPhone 4 with a bad camera w/o flash or without a headset speaker and cellular capabilities, these things could easily be added at a low cost to Apple, don't want it to be a phone? don't include a sim card. Unlocked 8GB iPhones starting at $259 ;)

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