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Oct 3, 2012
New Jersey
Landscape Album art fixed in Music app
Bold setting in 'Accesibility' now works and will restart your iPhone
Performance improvements
Calendar bug fixed
Time now shows when playing music on lockscreen
Status bar bigger on lockscreen
Folders are more transparent
Several small UI and font tweaks to Notification Center
Calendar now shows which days you have events on
New Fonts in Weather app
Tweaked clock icon in Control Center
Music controls are redesigned
Mail has tweaked search bar

- Time on Lock Screen while playing music.

- Tweaked interface when clicking a key in

- Slight Game Center UI tweaks.

- New font in

- Tweaked UI for wallpaper chooser.

- New silent control in iPad Control Center

- New app icon loading UI for download apps
Slightly tweaked pull-to-refresh animation in Mail app.

- New App Store tab buttons
Siri is much faster to navigate.

- Nice new UI for arranging tab-bar icons

- Email a pass now shows a preview of that pass in the email (like the actual pass is in the email like an image)

- New keyboard and modal alert animations

- Yellow selection UI in notes

- New animation while accessing Spotlight

- Various font changes all over.

- Perhaps an even more improved voice in Siri

- New WiFi diagnostics mode

- Some transparencies removed from iPhone 4S (particularly in Siri)

- Some UI button tweaks in iTunes Radio

- Dictionary feature is now active:
Status bar for installing an app has been removed and changed to a clock-like animation on the icon.
keyboard improved on safari no ".com" tab
Verizon has a new carrier update - 14.5.3
Wallpaper preview fixed
"Parallax" setting renamed again to Reduce Motion
Folder icons are more transparent
Shadows underneath app names in the Dock
As you swipe down on the home screen, the Search iPhone label is centered, and moves to its original position when you are done swiping. (It appears most search fields behave this way now.)
Text appears larger in Notification Center
I think the separator line above the dismiss arrow in Notification Center is new.
I think a lot of labels are now Helvetica Neue Light, instead of Helvetica Neue UltraLight.
I think the Playlist icon in the Music app has been changed..?
Notification timestamps look different. They match the color of your wallpaper. (It's hard to describe.)
Shadows underneath app names in multitasking
Animations are a bit faster
Modal view controllers have a slightly different animation. They slide up faster.
Now, if you're browsing in private mode in Safari, the Private button is no longer green. Instead, there is a rounded rectangle underneath.
Dictionary now works.
Calculator now has a dark gray background, and the AC, +/-, % buttons are now darker than the others.
Newsstand is much LESS transparent.
Dates and times in message contents are now light blue instead of underlined
I think the "Save Image" button on the share sheet in Safari when looking at an image is new.
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Jul 6, 2012
Kissimmee, FL
No it actually is out.

Thanks to Twitter I was reminded. If not I would have forgotten. Which is bad since I run a thread of all the little things xD


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Sep 4, 2011


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Oct 3, 2012
New Jersey
funny story, I was gonna laugh when people were disappointed if it didn't come out today, then I check at like 1:00:15 and it took longer than usual and I saw beta 3 and I was like... damn


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Apr 25, 2012
No OTA on my end.

Edit - Downloading now :D


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