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Sep 4, 2011
As always, be sure to report any and all bugs to (a developer account is not required to do this)

Previous threads:
beta 1 beta 2 beta 3

Build: 13A4305g

  • Can not delete Sync photo in iOS photo app. Trash button missing.
  • Continuity does not work within the App Switcher, but does on the lock screen (Confirmed by Apple).
  • Start Station in Apple Music removed from songs and albums. Can now only be found on Artists that are already in "My Library". (Now a speaker icon instead of text from the (...) menu. May be transitioning this to other sections, but the beta was released before it was implemented on the sections it was removed from?
  • Closing spotlight will cause the full proactive menu to flicker in for a split second
  • Attempting to change any tone except phone call one will crash the Settings app
  • Some apps only support landscape mode will go to portrait mode with shrink view, and app will not work properly, when the phone is in portrait mode, whether rotation lock is on or off.
  • When listening to music, as long as a new mail coming in, music will lower its volume twice or more before notification sound starts playing.
  • When using Apple music and asking to play let's say "best songs of X year" the radio/playlist is started but stays stuck at the first song. (Repeat is not On and skipping doesnt work)
  • Adding a song to a playlist still doesnt work for me. (Apply to Apple Music. local playback is fine)
  • Safari interface will become completely black when using handoff, even without status bar. This happens once only, until now.
  • Unable to delete past iCloud backups [carried over from b1, b2 and b3]. This may cause iCloud to run out of space and to be unable to turn on iCloud backup at all.
    Appears to have been fixed in the backend systems.
  • Phone app always opens on Keypad before quickly fading to last selected tab.
  • Sound stops on an AirPlay speaker on opening Photos app!
  • Using certain apps may cause device to hang & respring!
  • Downloading wouldn't start when tapping on GET button in the App Store!
  • Safari search bar sometimes will not load the page!
  • Massive stuttering & lag issues with App Switcher on 6 Plus!
  • Spotlight would fail to bring up some apps on search.
  • Screen would switch to Home screen for a second if coming to an app indirectly like from a different app or the app switcher.
  • For certain regions, device language cannot be changed from 'English (U.K)' to 'English'.
  • Lots of random resprings when tapping an iMessage notification or swiping away
  • Personal hotspot not working with iTunes Wifi sync
  • Personal hotspot not working without internet
  • Stuttering in the App Switcher is gone (not on 6+)
  • News App doesn't crash on opening
  • Alignment issues with the top status bar have been fixed.
  • Battery icon in Settings has restored to normal.
  • The notification icon is now red.
  • Search has redesigned icons, as well as a continue button to dismiss the prompt.
  • Handoff is shown as a bar at the bottom of the multitasking center.
  • New option for News 93.2 in the settings > News section
  • Keychain auto fill option on iPad keyboards is back.
  • Misaligned search suggestion bar has been fixed (eg when using YouTube app)
  • Delayed status bar when going to home screen has been fixed.
  • Volume button takes photos again
  • Text in Weather app is no longer cropped
  • Icons in the share sheet are now not as spread out as before on iPhone 5 and 4S
  • Ability to access iCloud Notes without upgrading, essential for those with non 10.11 Macs
  • The video play button (as seen on embedded movies on websites) is now translucent instead of white
  • Mobile data usage for music downloads and streaming can be toggled separately now, rather than having to use one setting for all iTunes and App Store downloads
  • Apple Music now can be correctly capitalised when typing using integrated keyboard, in this beta.
  • Regained ability to change description and artwork for Playlists in Music.
  • Subject lines in Mail have been aggressively enlarged on iPad. (iPhone?)
  • EE UK Wi-fi calling works again.
  • In Apple Music, the ... (More Options) on tracks shows bigger album art with options to fave and share.
  • When searching in the App Store and you tap on one of the search suggestions, there seems to be a new back button to return to your previous search. Not known if this was there before, but seems new to me. Screenshot here
  • Pulling down in proactive page show the keyboard
  • Sleep timer icon in PodCasts now visible, was previously invisible
  • Changing orientation in Messages now redraws the screen correctly, previously would change to one line
  • Cancel button removed from spotlight search when pulled from left but still present when pulled down from the top
  • Maps will now announce an "Event" that is on your route as you approach it during navigation.
  • iPhone 6 Plus finally Shows the normal message when the battery is to empty turn on (
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Sep 16, 2006
Downloading and installing as we speak, will try to report on what's new !


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Dec 16, 2011
Continuity once again doesn't work within the App Switcher (according to the Release Notes).

Downloading it from the Dev center now as we speak.


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Oct 18, 2008
Downloading on iPad and iPhone. Seconds remaining.

FWIW, the updates are showing up in OTA much faster than beta 3.


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Feb 26, 2008
Didnt show at first, then just left and came back to the OTA update and it appeared.


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Apr 11, 2010
Ruh-oh. I stupidly have this installed my production (work) phone. Installing the (OTA) update just powered off my phone, I went unresponsive for several minutes. Finally holding power brought up the Apple logo and the install progress bar, which is stuck at about 5%. Will update.

  • Saw the progress bar go up a sliver. Hopefully it's actually going to come online. [12:37pm]
  • Now just over 50% progress, it is moving! [12:42PM]
  • Nearing 80% progress, the screen has now faded to power save mode and I can hardly read it [12:45pm]
  • Bar completed and reset back to about 10% for a new stage [12:48pm]
  • Install complete, phone powered back up and usable. Longest update ever, had me sweating [12:49pm]
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Feb 4, 2014
Home Sharing for music is BACK!!!!!


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Oct 17, 2011
Oh, i thought Apple post a list of changes? My bad :) Will wait for more posts on this thread then :p
It's really a catch-all type of thread usually: new things, changed things, removed things, fixes, issues, etc.


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Apr 11, 2010
Has there always been these settings for:
Settings --> General --> Accessibility --> Call Audio Routing?

I found with the updates if I'm connected to my car and I ask "hey siri" to call someone it defaults back to speaker even though Bluetooth is connected. Is this setting new, and would it be intended to prevent this?


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Oct 17, 2011
Has there always been these settings for:
Settings --> General --> Accessibility --> Call Audio Routing?

I found with the updates if I'm connected to my car and I ask "hey siri" to call someone it defaults back to speaker even though Bluetooth is connected. Is this setting new, and would it be intended to prevent this?
As I recall that's been there. Not sure if just from the first iOS 9 beta, or even in the latest/recent versions of iOS 8.
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Nov 13, 2013
Can someone confirm that Whatsapp call is functioning on beta 4?

In beta 3, Whatsapp will crash when a conversation (using Whatsapp call) begins
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