iOS 9 Beta 5 Bug Fixes And Changes

Discussion in 'iOS 9' started by FatPuppy, Aug 6, 2015.

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  1. FatPuppy, Aug 6, 2015
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    Jul 14, 2012
    As always, be sure to report any and all bugs to (a developer account is not required to do this)

    Add more details for your bug report additional-information

    Previous threads: beta 1, beta 2, beta 3, beta 4

    Build: 13A4325c

    • Custom vibration patterns don't work anymore
    • iCloud backup size is still 0 for current device. Next backup size is also 0
    • In "manage storage" "documents and data" section, if app name is long enough, data size and app name will mess up
    • When starting up settings app, it will stop at a position near WiFi setting item. Typically it should stop at top. This bug persists from iOS 9 beta 4 to beta 5
    • iPad: Siri Suggestions in Spotlight occasionally shows 5 apps (instead of 6)
    • Watch App - Attempting to manage Friends causes the phone to go into a "Slide to Upgrade" screen on devices that UPGRADED to iOS 9b5; restored devices seem to be fine
    • Local iTunes music library sync using Windows iTunes is possible to let everything synced disappear from iPhone, iPad, iPod. Another attempt to sync under Mac OS X El Capitan latest beta (or possibly other version such as Yosemite) could possibly bring everything back.
    • When click three dots on an album to "make it available offline", all songs in this album may be downloaded, but none of downloaded songs will display small iPhone icon, unless pressing three dots at the end of a song to "make it available offline" again.
    • When setting new passcode, if the passcode option is "custom numeric" or "custom alphanumeric", verify passcode text box is not aligned with enter passcode text box.
    • Siri not recognizing voice input (iPhone 6)
    • "Back to xxx" no longer disappear after two minutes.
    • When previewing songs in iTunes Store, play indicator will flash between blue and orange.
    • Custom tones working again
    • Phantom apps in 'Settings -> Spotlight Search' are gone
    • Siri suggestions are back (were missing in b4 for certain users)
    • Spotlight search is up-to-speed
    • Text field flashing gray when entering a text conversation fixed
    • Fixed: Going into the Featured or Top Charts tabs in Podcasts app put a back button to "Featured" or "Top Charts" even though you were already in those views.
    • iCloud backups are back to a normal size
    • Fixed: When users have multiple languages on device - removing one now works correctly.
    • Fixed: Reachability in apps is no longer black.
    • Fixed: No more lag when new song starts playing
    • "Apple music connect" is available in restrictions
    • Fixed: AssistiveTouch button moving bug. When AssistiveTouch was configured with only one button, the home button, moving it on the screen would trigger home button functions. Video of bug
    • Fixed: Asking Siri to enable/disable system settings now works. For ex. "Hey Siri, turn on Do Not Disturb" will actually enable it rather than saying "Content not available"
    • Siri "listening" notification sound is back.
    • New wallpapers (and some older wallpapers removed) (Example)
    • New option to disable shake to undo
    • New Regulatory section in General Settings
    • Added option to use "Wi-Fi Assist" in Cellular settings to "automatically use cellular data when Wi-Fi connectivity is poor".
    • Cellular settings pane is called Mobile Data for certain users (as it is normally in UK English)
    • Now shift key and backspace key has a black outline with grey background.
    • CarPlay now better supports Beats 1 and Music features including ‘liking’ tracks, artwork is also displayed differently behind the controls than with previous versions of iOS
    • Keyboard shortcuts now called "Text Replacements" within Keyboard settings
    • Page forward in Safari back to usual gesture (swipe left)
    • Move file in iCloud app now work fine. Before only possible to move into the root.
    • WiFi Calling section in Phone settings for AT&T & Sprint users
    • Shuffle all option restored in Music app
    • New animation when turning off WiFi (icon in status bar first fades to gray then disappears)
    • Picture in Picture can now be pushed off screen, an arrow is available to bring it back into frame
    • App Store and iTunes Store section in Settings now labeled "App and iTunes Stores"
    • New splash screen for Calendar’s Proactive features
    • New 'Pause Spoken Audio' option in Map's Navigation voice
    • iBooks now displays chapter titles of multi-MP3 audiobooks
    • When headphone jack is plugged in, "audio connection" replaces previous "headphone jack insert" description
    • "El Capitan" now can be properly capitalised and spaced when typing it using system integrated keyboard.
    • "WWDC" can now be correctly capitalised using system integrated keyboard.
    • iTunes Store album price tag now is filled with blue color and price is shown in white. And "buy album" is filled with green color, while tag content is shown in white as well. (Only check this in Japanese store. Don't know what would happen in other store)
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    It is on the Dev site
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    It s not ota YET
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    Notes and Known Issues

    The following issues relate to using iOS SDK 9.0 to develop code.

    UILaunchImages requirement; apps can no longer declare the same launch image to support different interface orientations. Two-factor authentication is not supported on iOS 9 betas prior to beta 3.

    AVPlayerItem. The default value is NO for apps linked on or after iOS 9.0 or OS X 10.11, but YESfor apps that were linked earlier.

    To minimize power usage, set this property to NO if you do not need playback state to stay up to date while paused.

    • AVQueuePlayer now supports a mixture of file-based media and HTTP Live Streaming media in its queue. Prior to this, you had to ensure that all items in the queue were of the same type.
    • For apps linked against iOS 9 or later, the media interruption behavior for AV(Queue)Player has changed.

      Before iOS 9, apps could interrupt other media-playing clients by associating or adding AVPlayerItem to AVPlayer or by modifying the time or date of the current AVPlayerItem (using the seekToTime: or seekToDate: methods). In iOS 9, these operations interrupt only when AVPlayer object’s playback rate is changed to a non-zero value through the rate property or playmethod.
    • The AVPictureInPictureController interface and the cancelPictureInPicture method are deprecated.
    retrievePeripherals: and retrieveConnectedPeripherals methods were deprecated in iOS 7.0 and removed in iOS 9.0. Apps that use these methods will crash on launch or upon pairing an accessory.

    Energy Efficiency Guide for iOS Apps for details.

    • Horizontal location constraints should consistently reference either left/right or leading/trailing attributes. For apps linked against the iOS 9 SDK, NSLayoutConstraint will throw an exception if you attempt to create a constraint between a leading/trailing attribute and a left/right attribute.
    CKFetchRecordChangesOperation has been deprecated, and will be removed in iOS 9.

    Handoff Programming Guide and Shared Web Credentials Reference.

    nibName value, UIViewController.nibName has always looked for a nib with a similar name as the view controller’s class, and defaulted to that value if loadView is not overridden.

    Prior to iOS 9, subclasses of UIViewController that were written in Swift would require that their corresponding nib file name include the module prefix.

    To improve flexibility in the event of refactoring, you can omit the module name from the nib file name in code that runs in iOS 9 beta 4 and later. UIViewController.nibName still prefers a name that contains the module prefix, but falls back to an unqualified name if a nib with the fully-qualified name is not found.

    • In iOS 9, when layoutIfNeeded is sent to a view and all of the following conditions are satisfied (which is not common), we apply fitting-size constraints (width/height = 0 at UILayoutPriorityFittingSizeLevel) instead of required size constraints (width/height required to match current size):
      1. The receiver is not yet in the subtree of a view that hosts a layout engine, such as window, view controller view (unless you have set translatesAutoresizingMaskIntoConstraintsto NO on that view—or created constraints that have one item in its subtree and one item outside it), table view cell content view, and so on.

      2. The final ancestor (that is, top-level view) of the receiver has translatesAutoresizingMaskIntoConstraints set to NO.

      3. The top-level view has a subview that is not a UIViewController-owned layout guide that also has translatesAutoresizingMaskIntoConstraints set to NO.
      Under condition 1, we create a temporary layout engine from the top-level view and add all the constraints from the subtree to it. The problem is that we need to add some constraints that make the size of the top-level view unambiguous in the layout engine. The old behavior (prior to iOS 9) was that we would add constraints to restrict the size of the top-level view to its current bounds for any situation under condition 1. This really doesn’t make sense when you add conditions 2 and 3 and can result in unsatisfiable-constraints logging and broken layout.

      So in iOS 9, for this special case only, we use fitting-size constraints instead.

      This means that if you are sending layoutIfNeeded to a view under these conditions in iOS 9, you must be sure that either you have sufficient constraints to establish a size for the top-level view (which usually, though not always, is the receiver) or you must add temporary size constraints to the top-level view of layout size you desire before sending layoutIfNeeded, and remove them afterward.
    • For apps linked on iOS 9 or later, UITextView will now always correctly constrict its NSTextContainer to the fit inside the view when scrolling is disabled. Overflowing lines that lie outside of an NSTextContainer, even partially, are not rendered.

      In previous iOS releases, the NSTextContainer sometimes was not constricted in size. This meant that logically overflowing lines were erroneously rendered. If you are seeing previously rendered lines at the end of your text view no longer rendered after linking your app against iOS 9, this behavior change is the likely cause. You can remedy this by making your UITextViewlarger, or perhaps by adjusting the bottom value of the text view's textContainerInset property.
    • There is a redesigned UI for printing that includes a print preview (presented from UIPrintInteractionController or UIActivityViewController). For apps that provide printing items or use only built-in UIPrintFormatter objects (such as UISimpleTextPrintFormatter, UIMarkupTextPrintFormatter, UIWebViewPrintFormatter, or the UIViewPrintFormatter of any system-provided view), nothing additional is needed for the print preview to display.

      Apps that subclass UIPrintPageRenderer or UIPrintFormatter to draw content for printing must be built with the iOS 9 SDK for the preview to display. The behavior of UIPrintPageRenderer has been updated to call drawPageAtIndex:inRect: multiple times with potentially different page sizes and margins. Various methods on UIPrintPageRenderer may be called from a non-main thread, but never from multiple threads concurrently.
    • UIPickerView and UIDatePicker are now resizable and adaptive—previously, these views would enforce a default size even if you attempted to resize them. These views also now default to a width of 320 points on all devices, instead of to the device width on iPhone.

      Interfaces that rely on the old enforcement of the default size will likely look wrong when compiled for iOS 9. Any problems encountered can be resolved by fully constraining or sizing picker views to the desired size instead of relying on implicit behavior.
    UIViewController classes that are defined in the UIKit library and are created with a nil nibBundle attempt to find their nib inside the UIKit framework instead of the app's main bundle.

    Workaround: Pass [NSBundle mainBundle] for the nibBundle argument instead of nil.

    • Apps linked to versions of iOS earlier than iOS 8 may display incorrectly. Symptoms include cropping and displaying only in a small section of the screen.
    Volume Purchase Program
    Fixed in Beta 5

    Apps that are distributed through VPP and are licensed to a device won't launch.

    Watch App
    Known Issue

    Pairing iOS 9 beta 3 or 4 with watchOS 2 beta 1 or 2 requires you to sign out of your AppleID in Messages prior to pairing and to skip iCloud sign-in during pairing. Pairing with watchOS 2 beta 3 and watchOS 1 is not impacted.


    The if-domain and unless-domain value strings only match the exact domain. To match the domain and any subdomains, begin the string with the asterisk character (*).
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    Twitter Guy...
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