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Nov 16, 2008
I really like the generated Memories that come in the For You tab of Photos. On this basis I decided to favourite a few of the more significant ones and go in and do a bit of editing of the title, music etc. so I could enjoy them fully as little movie sequences. There’s two issues I find with the movie style presentation you create however.

1) Speed. The particular memory I‘m working on has 27 photos and 1 short video clip and the playback rattles through way too quickly to enjoy the images within it. The default timeline seems to be 47 seconds and the most I can stretch it to is 53 seconds as the Custom setting which is not nearly long enough.

2) Layout Design. The movie displays the images in a variety of styles to give some variety which makes sense, however one of the common styles it use is two images at once with a divider placed roughly to give the pictures a two thirds / one third format. All normal, however the overall size of the double image does not seem to scale to the screen size and a picture of me in the small one third format catches only my right arm and right side of my body.

Are there other editing tools I have somehow missed that can remedy these issues that spoil an otherwise really nice feature?