All Devices iOS Shortcuts Personal Automation not running as it should!


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May 30, 2018
Hey all

I've just started using Personal Automations on the Shorcuts app within iOS and am already running into some issues so looking for some advice.

This specific automation that I've set up on my iPhone is to make things easier when I get into my car. I have the Pioneer SPH-10BT multimedia receiver, of which you can essentially use your phone as the screen of the receiver. My automation has been set up to do the following.....

When iPhone connects to "SPH-10BT" via bluetooth do...

1. Set Brightness to 75%
2. Set Volume to 100%
3. Open App (Waze)
4. Open App (Pioneer Smart Sync)
5. Play music (defined playlist)

However - my issue is that the results of this working in practice has been highly inconsistent.

  • Waze has never been able to open via the automation when triggered by connecting to the bluetooth device
  • The brightness and volume automations have been hit or miss
  • Smart Sync opening has worked every time so far
  • I've attempted putting some wait times in between each automation to help things flow smoothly but no real improvement
  • When manually triggering the automation from within the Shortcuts app (using the little play button) - the automation runs flawlessly! Everything opens fine, including Waze, and all the adjustments are made.
Does anybody have any advice or has anyone else had any similar issues? Would really appreciate some help - this working would make my experience with my car stereo that little bit more smoother - otherwise it can be a bit of a pain manually doing all those things when I get in the car.

Thanks in advanced!