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Discussion in 'iOS Programming' started by maverick28, Jun 21, 2017.

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    Mar 14, 2014

    Ran into a problem recently. I have several sub-versions of Xcode's main version installed: for the purpose of simplification let's take one of them for version A (with iOS AA) and another for version B (iOS BB) from the oldest to the newest one respectively. I noticed a very odd behavior regardless of what hardware I simulate, iPhone or iPad: when I launch iOS Simulator of version A (iOS AA) I get its UI elements stalled and no response to physical input. iOS Simulator of Version B (iOS BB) doesn't exhibit such a problem. If I have the latter launched even once and then launch iOS Simulator of version A (iOS AA) I see that the plist in ~/Library/user_account/Preferences for that version of Simulator isn't created, with Version B (iOS BB) Simulator plist sitting there not overwritten by Version A (iOS AA) Simulator. It's when the splash screen gets frozen. If I delete the plist and launch Version A iOS Simulator again the problem goes away.

    I think filing a bug report is not much of help since the Xcodes I use are below the supported ones. That's why I would like to ask whether some of you have dealt with this and if yes what could I do about that (if applicable)?

    P.S. For additional clarification if needed.

    Version A - v.4.4.1

    Version B - v.4.6.3

    iOS AA - iOS 5.1 (Simulator Build 272.21)

    iOS BB - iOS 6.1 (Simulator Build 369.2)
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    I don't have a clear answer for you but I've seen errors from the Sim reported in the system Console during launch of the Sim. That might help you figure something out.

    I'll try not to make any comments about support of iOS 5.
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    I realize it's too late. I know that the iOS is unsupported but I downloaded the dev tools merely for self-education and because my OS X is Lion.

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