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    If you dont have time to read my depressing story, but still want to help, heres a recap: basically I was wondering if you guys think it would be worth it to take a macbook with a broken screen (attached to a hdtv) throw all the documents (excels, word, powerpoint) onto icloud, and bring an ipad to the library/to class to study and take occasional notes - if so, where are these documents stored on my device so I can access them offline. And is there any deals for about 400? (yes I understand it is not depressing, and a broken macbook is the least of mine or anyones problems haha)

    Hey everybody,

    Kinda ran into a bit of a crappy situation recently - Im a senior in college and looking for some advice, and I was wondering if anyone knows of recent deals. Thanks for the advice ahead of time, I am not trying to be a rat and get the ipad for less than everyone else, believe me I know it is worth every penny and have purchased plenty of apple products at full retail, this is just a bad situation and I do not like to ask my parents for anything.

    Bought the original unibody aluminum macbook on release day freshman year - october 2008. A few months later, I had ran into flickering display issues, and the "Authorized" Apple Campus retail and repair store did a horrible job fixing it... it was gone for two weeks, when it was returned, they forgot to A. attach the airport card and B. set the serial number, to this day I feel like it wasn't fixed up to apple quality. Anyways, the hinge has been very loose for no reason, apple said the display could go any day now, but I can plug it into my TV and access icloud.

    Doesnt make sense to pay almost $400 to get a 3 year old mac repaired, when I graduate in a semester and will get a new mbp for law school. I think it would make more sense to get an iPad2 and plug my macbook into my tv at home if the display does go, and just access all my files from icloud. Also, I am in my upper core marketing and supply chain classes, which are more conceptual and is more viewing excels and powerpoints than typing mindless papers and doing HW, so a keyboard isnt a huge deal.

    Can you guys give me any opinions on this - I mean, apple has documentation stating that the repair wasnt done correctly the first time at the school repair shop,(I KNOW I am not the only one) and I am only a month out of apple care, usually they are pretty good about still fixing this. Getting the mbook fixed isnt really an option, I need mobile computing for finals, and i feel like for 1 semester an iPad could be great! On the other hand, I really would like to get it for about $400, I want to buy some christmas gifts and at a school of almost 50,000, the most common goods are jacked up in price.

    Best I have seen has been about 450, unless you sign up for a credit card at radioshack and target you can get a bit lower.

    Thanks everyone!
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    My honest opinion?

    You are in college and you need a "real" computer. The iPad is fairly expensive for not being a substitute to a real computer. My suggestion is to go and buy a laptop, even a cheap PC laptop if necessary.

    Anyways, Apple is going to be having $40-60 off iPads for Black Friday so that may be an option for you. Also, you can buy a refurbished iPad 2 (even refurbished iPad 1) for cheap. They are basically brand new devices, and are indistinguishable from a "new" device.
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    Thanks man, Do you think they will pro-rate the refurbs on black friday to reflect the discount on the new ones?
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    Nah, I don't think so. Sorry :(
    I believe the black friday discounts only apply new items.

    I think I'm going to order an iPad on Friday. Haven't decided which one I'll order, but I'll compare the prices between refurb and new, and move from there.
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    I'm finishing my final term of college (graduating in 2 weeks!) and I'd say hold off on the iPad purchase. I got mine this past summer and it's been a fun companion, but I've barely touched it since school started back up. You'll be a much more efficient student if you're working from an actual computer. The iPad is great, but it isn't going to be the best daily driver in a scholastic setting.

    My advice: take the 400-450 you're wiling to spend on the iPad and put it towards a new laptop.

    Good luck and congrats on almost finishing up with your undergrad!

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